Gluten Free Mexican Chocolate Cookies

gluten free recipes


I seem to be a cookie nut lately, right!? Coming up with recipes and testing things out… (taste testing, too!) Our Pink Lemonade Cookie recipe was SO popular, that I’ve decided to share some other new recent cookie recipes that I have come up with.  Plus, our Milk & Cookies party printables are such a hit for birthday party themes, that we thought that giving you some recipes would be a great idea to pair with your milk and cookies parties and printables!

Well, I recently dabbled in a gluten free diet (and noticed big results in terms of my mental clarity, digestive health and bonus – a flatter tummy! If you follow me on instagram, you’ve probably seen some of my yummy Gfree meals!)  I don’t really have gluten-allergies or issues but so many people I know are G-Free, and I’m all about trying to better my health.  I wanted to see how hard it was and also see if I feel better… and I do.  However, I DO have gluten weekly,… I’ve just cut back quite a bit and think about what I’m putting in my mouth more often.

I guess sugar and sweets aren’t the most healthy, though? But throw that fact out for a minute.  A girl needs chocolate and sweets from time to time, so here is a fabulous recipe for a Mexican Chocolate Cookie that is not only gluten free but includes some fabulous antioxidants (Saigon cinnamon and dark chocolate!)  Oh, and did I mention that it has NO butter (so less saturated fats!)


Adria doesn’t even like sweets and she went gaga over these cookies when I brought them over.  I made a batch of Gluten Free Mexican Chocolate cookies (recipe in this post) as well as a version that is Gluten-Full!  Surprisingly, the gluten free version was more popular! YAY!  Stay tuned in the coming weeks for the Gluten-full version 😉

gluten free recipes

While I was baking all of these cookies, my son begged for milk while he tried the cookies.  It was then that I realized that our printable Vintage Milk & Cookies collections needed a little refresher….. drink wraps that would be perfect for milk bottles!  So, we added these to the Vintage Milk and Cookies collections and they turned out so cute, right!?  Find our Vintage Milk and Cookies collections here in the shop. (for birthdays or baby showers – in pink / blue or red versions!)

Check out the recipe for the Mexican Chocolate Gluten Free Cookies below.  Click on it to download and print the recipe!  Give it to your neighbors and they will love you forever!  This recipe was inspired by this recipe that I adapted to my liking.

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Find the printable Milk and Cookies party collections in our shop here.


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