A Precious Tea Party with Tutus and Baby Dolls

tea doll party room and table setup

A fabulous client of ours, Pam, recently worked with Adria on creating an entire suite of custom party printable invitations and accessories for her daughter’s party.  We are thrilled to share this party with you today because we haven’t ever shared this theme!  The theme is a Tea Party with Tutus and Baby Dolls.

(Printable invitation and full coordinating package now available in the shop!)

Pam recently caught “the party bug” and did a wonderful job on this beautiful party.  I adore the bright colors and fresh “look” of it all.  Congrats on a fabulous party, Pam!
We have a lot of eye candy to share and loads of details from the hostess herself….


In Pam’s words:
“Cailey originally requested a skating party, but after watching her NOT skate at the last two skating parties we’d been to, I came up with something I knew she would enjoy.  The party concept started from what she loves to do most in the whole wide world and that’s have a tea party with her dolls, in fact anything with her dolls.  She loves dolls!  After settling on the theme, I searched high and low for an invitation that would capture the spirit of the party.  To my surprise there is very little out there that captures the pretend play element of little girls having a tea party with their dolls.  AndersRuff to the rescue!!!   The only thing I knew for sure were the colors I wanted- hot pink, light turquoise and yellow. I then wanted to incorporate the classic silhouette design.  Adria created a silhouette likeness of Cailey and worked with me to perfect the invitation and other party printables based on the concept.  I can’t say enough good things about Adria and AndersRuff.  They are such talented ladies.  Hi Adria!


tea doll party room and table setup

tea doll party room and table setup 2

tea doll party room and table setup 3

tea doll party room and table setup 4

tea doll party room and table setup 5

tea doll party room and table setup 6More details in Pam’s words:

“I wanted to create three different spaces for the party – a tea party area for the girls, a tea party area for the dolls and a dressing area.  Over the course of four months I gathered teacups, teapots, and knick knacks but one of my favorite finds was a child’s vanity found on Craigslist that was covered in various layers of nail polish and stickers.  I was able to sand and repaint it.  The vanity was the perfect display for the faux pearl necklaces, bracelets, rings and the frame with my new favorite quote, “Happy Girls are the Prettiest”.  I provided hot pink tutu’s and white tank tops to each of the girls.  I was elated to stumble upon flower pins in the dollar bin at Michael’s which look absolutely adorable on the girls’ shirts.  Since guests were requested to BYOD (Bring Your Own Doll), it was important to me that the dolls play a major role in the party and incorporating the matching tutus and shirts for the dolls was a HUGE hit!  I even had miniature birthday hats made for the dolls that mimicked the hats for the girls.  
I was able to complete one DIY project and that was the crepe paper rosette ball.  It adds a bright pop of yellow to the table and I love the way it turned out.”

tea doll party room and table setup 7

tea doll party room and table setup 8

tea doll party room and table setup 9

tea doll party room and table setup 10

tea doll birthday party room and table setup

tea doll birthday party room and table setup

tea doll birthday party room and table setup 3

tea doll birthday party room and table setup 4

tea doll birthday party room and table setup 5

tea doll birthday party room and table setup 6

tea doll birthday party room and table setup 7 More details in Pam’s words:
Birthday Girl Outfit:
Kristina of Modern Frills created a custom birthday shirt and even named the shirt design in honor of Cailey.  The pettiskirt from DreamSpun Kids and the fascinator from Charming Necessities added the cherry on top.   

Favors:  Besides the major swag of tutus, shirts, necklaces, rings, bracelets there were two favor boxes given to each guest.   Inside the purse favor box was a bottle of little girl’s nail polish.   Inside the other favor l box was a set of 4 washable markers and a bakery confection shaped eraser. 
Decorate Foam Tea Pots – After getting dressed in their tutu’s and shirts, the first activity was decorating foam teapot frames with stickers.  Pictures of each girl were provided with the thank-you note that can be put into the frame.   
Let’s go shopping! – This was the cutest thing.  All the girls were given play money found at Party City to go shopping for the outfit for the dolls to wear to the doll tea party.  My party helper and older daughter Chelsea was the check-out girl.  As you can see the girls really got into it.  Cailey brought out all her play food and so the girls bought groceries and candy as well…LOL 
Mini Tea Party with Dolls – After shopping and dressing their babies, the girls sat down to a mini tea party with the dolls.  I was lucky enough to find a child’s table and 4 chairs at our church garage sale to add to the table that Cailey already had.  I covered both tables in fabric I found at Wal-Mart for $1.97.

Pin the Pacifier on the Baby – I originally wanted to find a pin the lid on the tea pot game but could not find something I liked.  About 3 days before the party I found this game mentioned on a website and went searching for images to bring it to fruition.  

Musical Chairs – Always a fun game.

Freeze Dance – Everyone loved it.

Formal Tea Party – After finishing the tea party with their dolls, the girls sat down to a tea party of their own which included pink lemonade, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, turkey and cheese sandwiches,  Jello , cut fruit,  cookies, vanilla cupcakes, macaroons, chocolate dipped Oreos,  marshmallow pops, and chocolate covered pretzels.

Music Playlist
Everyone knows the importance of setting the right mood for a party and since several parents commented on the music, I’d like to share a list of CDs that helped create a fun, festive atmosphere for all.
Baby Jamz, Nursery Rhymes, Vol 1
Baby Jamz, Nursery Rhymes, Vol 2
Yo Gabba Gabba:  Music is Awesome, Vol 2
Kidz Musiq Club

Favorite Finds:  mirror over doll table.  Look closely at picture of Cailey by Candy jar.  The frame ended up falling down and I didn’t want to restrict the girls movement so I took it down, but how I love that little mirror from Hobby Lobby.
Other favorite finds:
Dress form for the necklaces
Colorful Pillows – Home Goods
Bins for doll clothing from HomeGoods

Pam would like to thank a few Special People.  In Pam’s words” I would also like to say a huge thank you to Monique of Enchanted Expectations.  She so graciously stopped by my house the night before the party and gave important placement guidance for the streamers over the table.  I had never met her before, but I reached out to her via email and I am so glad I did.  She is a lovely person and I can’t thank her enough.  I also have to say thank you to my sweet friend Karen who never grew tired of me and all my party craziness.  She’s the friend who’s just as excited as you are, loves planning events as much as you do and doesn’t roll her eyes when you bring up the party yet again.  All of this while planning her upcoming wedding.  Thanks KT!”

Great job, Pam!  Thank you for sharing your beautiful party.

These printables are now available in the shop!


Vendor Credits:

Invitations/Coordinating Printables:  AndersRuff (http://www.etsy.com/shop/andersruff)

Pettiskirt:  DreamSpun Kids (http://www.etsy.com/shop/DreamSpunKids)

Tea Pot cookies:  Sugar and Flour (http://www.etsy.com/shop/sugarandflour)

Fascinator:  Charming Necessities (http://www.etsy.com/shop/CharmingNecessities)

Custom Birthday Shirt:  Modern Frills (http://www.etsy.com/listing/77405929/birthday-shirt-the-cailey-vintage-cake)

Baby Doll Tutus:  Lindsays Whimsies Tutu (http://www.etsy.com/shop/LindsaysWhimsiesTutu)

Cupcake Wrappers:  Hey Yo Yo (http://www.etsy.com/shop/heyyoyo)

Doll Shirts:  Linda Loves to Sew (http://www.etsy.com/shop/Lindalovestosew)

Streamers- Serendiptee Design (http://www.etsy.com/shop/serendipiteedesign)

Yellow striped fabric-  Funkalicious fabrics (http://www.etsy.com/shop/funkaliciousfabrics)

Birthday Party Hats- Sweet Things Kids (http://www.etsy.com/shop/Sweetthingskids)

Cake Topper-   Creating from the Heart (http://www.etsy.com/shop/creatingfromtheheart)

Pom Balls-  Pomtastic (http://www.etsy.com/shop/pomtastic)

Birthday Cake- Cakes Plus (http://www.cakesplus.com/)

Photographer – Alison Harbaugh/Freckle Photography (http://frecklephotography.com/)

Rentals:  Select Event Rentals (http://www.weparty.com/)



  1. WOW! What a beautiful birthday party! It looks like the girls had a wonderful time. The detail put into everything is amazing! Thank you for using Lindsay’s Whimsies for your doll tutus!

  2. What a lovely party!! Absolutely beautifully done with the colors and bright accents. I’ve picked up lots of fun ideas.

  3. What an amazing party layout! What little girl wouldn’t be completely ecstatic to have such a party. Thanks for shopping with funkaliciousfabrics for your fabric needs and hope to work again with you in the future.

    1. Thanks so much for all the kind comments. I got the mirror from Ikea. It comes only in black and I spray painted it.

  4. This was the best birthday party I had ever been too! Aniah and I had a wonderful time! Everything was beautiful, it will always be etched in my mind.

  5. What an amazing party! I’ve never seen anything so enchanting! It was perfect! The girls looked like they had a great time, and I’m especially thrilled to know that my CD, Kidz MusiQ Club Jazzing Up Learning was part of the special day. Thank you so much for letting us share in the milestone event.

  6. The most amazing party EVER! The prettiest part is those adorable little girls though. What a cute bunch!

  7. Hi,
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this party!!! I am thinking of something like this for my daughter’s 4th bday. How did you inform parents that tutus and shirts will be provided?

    1. Hi! We can make a note on the invitation for you. Just let us know to add that when you place your order!

  8. This might be really late but this party is really cute!!! I’m actually having my daughter a tea party…where did you find the gloves?

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