A Teddy Bear Confectionary

Happy New Year!

We wanted to kick-off January with a spectacular Teddy Bear Confectionary Birthday Party all the way from Brazil.

An amazing client of ours, Luciana, contacted us last year to design her daughter’s 1st birthday party invitation, along with other matching graphic printable accessories.

As we designed each piece of the collection (in Portuguese), we had no idea to what extent Luciana would go to with every design.

The end results are breath-taking…. we were speechless, as we viewed the photos.

From the hand-delivered cupcake invitations to the endless desserts, balloons and teddy bear topiaries, she thought of every detail possible! Words can’t describe how amazing this party was!

You are going to be blown away by this FABULOUS birthday soiree!
(We had to include EVERY photo, because it is too unbelieveable unless you see it ALL!)

Thank you Luciana for sharing this Fabulous party with us!
Here’s to a great 2011! We hope this inpsires you like it did us!


  1. WOW – I’m speechless!! Beautiful party, judging by the amount of food it looks like all of Brazil attended (wish I lived there)

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