A Retro Beer-B-Que Birthday Party

man cave birthday party

I am so excited about this theme. Its pretty rare that we throw parties for our husbands, but when we do, we do it right! Adria’s husband, Matt, is a hysterical guy. He always loves having fun and being with friends (and beer and good food are also requirements).  We hardly ever show birthday party ideas for guys and so we are thrilled to show off this guy birthday party!  This year, we thought we’d give him what he loves – beer, bbq and games.  Matt’s Beer-b-que birthday party was the theme that we knew he would LOVE!

We went for an industrial meets retro look for this party and threw it together in all but 3 days!  We told our friends to dress “Ruffneck” (aka redneck) to make the party even more fun!

We are excited to share some fabulous ideas so be sure to keep an eye out for these ideas:
– Beer tasting guessing game table with printable decor, cards, beer wraps
– Beer Bullseye game with printable target poster
– Fun Beer 6-pack to go party favors
– Easy to make “Mock Beer JELL-O Shots”
– Beer games including banana golf, beer pong, hula hoop, beer tasting guessing, and more!

beer tasting invitation

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We sent out this Beer-B-Que Party Invitation to all of Matt’s friends and set the tone for a fun party with games and tomfoolery! (I love that word – tomfoolery)

beer snacks station

We set up my breakfast room with rustic industrial meets retro decor and styling.  The room held our snack station along with our beer tasting game station setup, and of course a bucket of beer.  The printable Beer-B-Que poster is available in our shop now, too!

Adria brought over Matt’s deer head to hang on the wall to really redneck it up.  It totally set the tone for the event!

beer party

We displayed a bunch of my rustic vintage industrial antiques that are galvanized (I love that I can just pull props from my home decor for my themes!) along with my wood console table.

Do you like Adria and my outfits? Adria’s wig cracks me up. 

anders ruff

We used these cool glass mercantile jars from my panty to display all sorts of BBQ snacks.  We added printable party labels from our new Beer-B-Que printable collection.

Do you like Adria and my outfits? Adria’s wig cracks me up. 

beer party snack labels

beer snacks labels

One of my FAVORITE ideas for Matt’s Beer-b-que party were these Jell-o shots!  I know they look like real beer, but they are JELLO topped with whipped cream to look like the beer foam. (Ruff draft coming soon on these!)  I topped them with black/white paper straws cut down and labeled with our printable “Got Beer” party flag from our printable collection.

beer jello shots

These mercantile jars were so easy to label with our printables and fill with simple snacks that you enjoy while drinking beer!


beer snack labels

I also served extra snacks in Beer Glasses and stuck printable party labels on sticks into the glasses.

snacks in beer glasses

I had forks and napkins in this cute galvanized caddy and put a printable tag to embellish it.

beer party printables

One of our games was a Beer Tasting Guessing Game.  We added the printable beer tasting menu to a stick behind this vintage metal desk.  Then, we wrapped 6 mysterious beer bottles with brown paper bags and added our printable wraps with numbers 1-6.  The participants would guess the type of beer after tasting each one.

beer tasting station

beer guessing game card

We even had beer labels for the tops of the bottles so no one would cheat!

beer label printables


beer tasting game


beer games

The winners got these cool corkscrews made of wood! I love our printable tags that go with this collection! If you order them, we personalize them for you and you can download and print from your home computers!

beer favors

I displayed our Beer Jello Shots on these galvanized cake stands, and then added some powdered donuts to snack on…. so simple!

man party ideas

beer jello label and flag

cheers banner



(J finally used his Beer Yeti to keep his beer cool!)

yeti favor

man cave party

We displayed extra beer in this galvanized bucket and added a printable label from our collection that you can purchase here.

beer cooler

beer-b-que invitation

beer party card


It was SO great to have all of our friends there!





One of the best games we played was banana golf!  We tied twine around bananas and then you have to swing it and hit an orange as far as you can “putt”…. Of course after chugging a beer (optional – in my case I didn’t do that! )

banana golf

banana golf game



The next game was Beer Bullseye!  Download and print the poster from our collection and the goal was to see how long you could handle someone squirting a super soaker full of beer in your mouth. Adria didn’t do so hot, believe it or not.

beer game

beer bullseye game

Red Neck Hula Hoop Game – Who could do the hula hoop the longest!

drinking hoola hoop


JR took it to the next level and did it around his neck!

hula hoop

We had these cute cast iron beer bottle openers for the great contestants. (Print the tag from here in the shop)

beer party favors

beer 6 pack favor

beer prize


– Concept and Styling: Anders Ruff
– Printable Invitation and Collection: Anders Ruff Shop
Wood Corkscrews
Galvanized Utensil Caddy
Save Water Drink Beer Cast Iron Bottle Openers
Galvanized Beer Tub Stand
Clear Glass Mercantile Jars
Yeti for Beer Cans




  1. This was one of the best parties that I have ever attended. Not to mention that I love the people so much who hosted it and attended it! Great work Adria and Maureen!

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