Celebrating Movie Night On Christmas Eve

Our fabulous friend, sponsor and customer, Brenda Byers of Great Stitch, recently submitted this precious Christmas Eve movie night party to us.  (Remember what Brenda did recently for us? Pajamas of course! We LOVED what she did for our Elf photo shoot!  (She made the adorable magical elf pajamas that are such a huge hit!)

For her Christmas Eve movie night, she used our popular Classic Holiday collection for the printables and color palate inspiration. Brenda’s decor and crafts really get me in the spirit of decorating and making everything around the house so festive! She also included the most amazing tree skirt tutorial. I love to change my decor but I always feel guilty buying a new skirt every year-they are so pricey! However, with Brenda’s idea, I won’t feel guilty creating a new skirt when the mood strikes me! Enjoy the party photos!

Read on for Brenda’s step by step tutorial on how to create an inexpensive, DIY tree skirt…

Like any good foundation, most of its work goes unnoticed, but the Christmas tree skirt anchors the center of most family celebrations of the holiday.  In our house it is only visible for a very few days—when the tree is first put up it shows, but soon it begins to disappear under the growing stack  of presents.  Then after the Christmas celebration ends it remains for the short time until the tree comes down.  Yet even though we can’t see most of it for much of Christmas, I still want my Christmas tree skirt to be special.
You can find elaborate and elegant tree skirts that are quite expensive.  But given the limited visibility, it’s hard for me to justify that.  So I came up with a simple, quick and inexpensive solution using a round table cloth that meets the need for a beautiful piece. I don’t feel bad about covering up.  The possibilities for decorating it are endless, you could even use an heirloom from Grandma that has stains in it, they could be covered with applique or embroidery. Here are the basic steps:

1. Gather your supplies.  You will need a round tablecloth.  I used a 70 inch tablecloth, but you can use whatever size fits your tree best.  You will also need a measuring tape, pen, scissors and a plate.  You can either use iron on hem tape or sew the edges.  If you want to add a trim or embellishment, you will need that as well.
2. Fold the tablecloth in half.
3. Fold the tablecloth in half again.
4. Fold the tablecloth in half once more.  This will make it a one-eighth “pie slice.”
5. From the point of the “pie” measure down three inches on both sides, making a dot with the pen on both.
6. Position the plate so that it touches both dots. Draw a line connecting them.  This gives you the circle shape cut out.
7. Cut along the line.  This will cut out the center of the tablecloth.
8. Open the table cloth to half.  From the center, cut a straight line all the way to one side (be sure to only cut one side!), following the fold.
9. Finish the edges with hem tape, or sewing.
10.  Add decorative trim or lace, ribbons for ties, or embellish with embroidery.
11. Cover with presents and enjoy!

Thank you Brenda for your fabulous photos and tips for all us DIY fanatics!

Be sure to shop for your family’s Christmas and holiday pajamas in Brenda’s shop, Great Stitch. Time is running out! (Can you believe it!?)

Party Styling and Planning, Christmas PJs and stockings: Brenda Byers, Great Stitch
Party Printables: Anders Ruff Custom Designs
Christmas PJs and Stockings: http://www.etsy.com/shop/GreatStitch
Hair Bows And Tutus: http://www.etsy.com/shop/AlyssaCreations
Crocheted cap: http://www.etsy.com/shop/thebestetsyshop
Pom Poms: http://www.etsy.com/shop/PomLove
Cookies: http://www.etsy.com/shop/LisasSweetThings
Caramels: http://www.redkitecandy.com
Photographer: http://www.digital-detours.com/

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