Chevron and Fruit Printable Bag Toppers – Great Classroom Valentine! (and Economical!)

I have been trying to find time to put together some Sweet Valentines Day Card ideas that are a little less pink and red.
We have gotten requests for preschool valentines, boy valentines and valentines that are in other color schemes than just pink and red.
I just LOVE fruit, so I knew I had to do a fruit themed set (with chevron, of course!).

If you ask my husband, he would tell you that I have been obsessing over cute candy-gram ideas for Valentines this year.  (I have a whole Google spreadsheet of wording ideas – but only so much time!)

printable valentines day cards
So, for the love of fruit, I took a stroll down the aisles of the Dollar Store in my town and decided I wanted to dissect the box of Runts and design a new printable cute bag topper valentine!

I thought this would be perfect for:
– Teachers
– Classmates (in any age group from 1 to 91 ha!) – You could even fill with gummy fruit treats for the little kids if you didn’t want to do Runts.
– Neighbors
– Birthday Parties! (Who said it has to be for Valentine’s Day!?)

Here is the “HOW TO”:
Materials Needed:
– Runts (I bought 4 boxes to nicely fill 20 bags) – $1 each at Dollar Tree
– Cellophane Bags (4 inch wide or less) – Michaels or Nashville Wraps (we LOVE Nashville Wraps!)
– Double stick tape or stapler (to close the bags)
– Printable Sweet Bunch Valentine’s Set – Available for $7.50 (instant download!) here in our shop

cheap valentines day ideas

I have my little helper, Jeffrey, assist me in the sorting process.  If you are doing this in “real life”, I’d suggest using sterile gloves when sorting. (Who needs germy runts?!)

I would say that each box could fill 5 bags pretty full so you could get all of your Valentine Candy for around $4 or $5 (if you have a typical class of 20 or so).  You’ll have enough of each flavor to fill a bag (and maybe some leftover to sample!)

valentines day card ideas candy

candy valentines

You”ll print out your “Chevron Fruit Valentines Day Folding Toppers” onto cardstock or photo paper and trim along the edges.  Fold in half. Adhere over the folded cellophane bag filled with the goodies.  Simple!

The backsides have a place to write “to” and “from”!  Even better – get your kids to practice their penmanship.

Find the 5 designs in our Chevron Fruit Valentine’s Day Set here for only $7.50!

printable valentine labels


  1. This is so cute. Do you have a recommendation on a home printer? We can’t find one that truly works for our family. I’m nervous about purchasing printables without a suitable printer.

  2. Such an adorable idea and the sayings are so perfect. Just have to say though, $7.50 for the template to print as many bag toppers as you need is a great price. All the design work is done for you 🙂

  3. Bought these last minute for my daughter’s valentine’s party. I was going to make a similar concept but decided it would take way too long. They came out just right. Wal-mart only had 3″ bags so I resized by 75% in Adobe & they worked great! Look cute & kids love fruit candy!

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