Classic Halloween Sale – 3 kits for $10! (Up to 70% off!)


This week we sent a newsletter to our subscribers and then gave a “teaser” on facebook.  Well, we had so many people email us to ask for the Halloween Sale because maybe they didn’t know about how to subscribe to our newsletter. (Click HERE to subscribe to our monthly newsletter! for sales, etc!)

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Today, we are happy to share what the sale is.  As you know, this year we came out with 12 new Classic Halloween Printable Party Kits.  We shared 12 days of Halloween Ideas on our blog the past couple weeks.   These printable kits are so cute and each have fun ideas in ways to personalize your Halloween….Print as many as you need for your kiddos and you’ll be all set!

Each of the kits range from $5 to $9.  Well, we have a week long promo going on where you can pick any 3 kits for $10.  No limit so if you want 6 kits, you can order the listing twice… Saving you up to 70% off!

Click here to visit the sale listing…. Enjoy!


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