Printable Vintage "From Santa" Gift Tags!

Adria and I were talking about making the magic of Santa last longer for our kids. (Hers are 8 and 5 and both still believe, mine are 2 and 5 and obviously both still believe) Christmas is my FAVORITE time of year and I just want to make the traditions of Christmas and Santa last for my boys.

Growing up, I remember figuring out the truth about Santa by decoding my mother’s handwriting on the gift tags that were “from Santa”. I won’t let that happen in my household!

We designed some really fun and authentic Santa gift tags in 3 styles. These tags would be the perfect tradition to print every year and use on your gifts “from Santa”. The children would recognize the tags each and every year as “from Santa”.

Print, cut and attach to your Santa gifts each year! I think it would be so much fun to continue that tradition even after the kids are grown up…. it would be a special tag that would signify memories from growing up! (Ok, now I’m getting sappy)

Available now in the shop! 2 versions:

Customized version (with your child’s name personalized on the tags) $9.50
without name personalization $4.75

We love Christmas Traditions!


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