Ruff Draft: 4th of July 3D Art

It’s June already – so what does that mean?  4th of July celebrations are approaching quickly!  We created a Nautical 4th of July Printable Package this year and wanted to show you a simple how-to from the collection.

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Our big write-up will be released soon, but in the meantime, take a look at this festive collection of printables!

4th of july nautical collection

Included in the package is an over-sized large red patterned “4” (you can see on the right-hand side)

We used this “4” printable to create 3-dimensional signage to display on our dessert table.

4th of July 3D Art

You just need a few supplies, and it’s really quite easy to assemble!


Supplies needed:

Nautical 4th of July Printable Package (“4″ template printed on photopaper or cardstock – we use photopaper)

1/4” thick white foam core board

Paper glue & hot glue


Utility knife or x-acto knife) and scissors



First cut out your printed patterned “4” along edge.  (Don’t forget to cut out center of “4” well)

cutting 4

Next glue cut “4” to the white foam core board with paper glue (we use Zip Dry  – it’s the best!)

4 glued to foam core board

Once it is dry, take your utility knife or x-acto knife and cut through the foam core board, along the edges of the patterned “4”.

cutting foam

cutting 4

cut 4 final

The next part is a little time consuming, but worth it – heat up your hot glue gun, and glue twine along the edge of the “4”.  We wrap the twine around the edge 3 times, to make it pop more. Be careful – glue is hot!!!

hot glue twine

Once twine has been edged along the “4”, 3 times, the 3D “4” is complete!

twine along 4

twine along 4 final

You can lean this against something on your table… and it’s light enough that you can glue it to a wooden skewer or long lollipop stick and display from vases or containers.


We designed another 3D sign “B” for our latest Monogram Baby Shower Collection.  See the “B” below sticking out of the vase.  We used yarn to edge the “B”  – which works just as well.

monogram bThese 3D signs are so inexpensive to make, and give a big impact within your decor.


Stay tuned for our Nautical 4th of July party reveal!

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