Ruff Draft: Chalk Paint Pumpkin Painting

Decorating for halloween with chalk paint pumpkins

Today I am recycling several old orange pumpkins I had in storage with Chalk Paint.  I found a great tutorial on how to give your fake orange pumpkins a new look in neutral colors from Perfectly Imperfect. I decided to pull out my painting supplies and give it a try!  Take a look and see what you think!

Supplies needed:
Old pumpkins
Chalk Paint
Paint brushes

Recycling old orange pumpkins

1. Paint old pumpkins in chalk paint color of your choice – allow dry time
2. Use stains to rub in creases and give shading & depth
3. Once dry, coat with wax to seal (optional)

I used my chalk paint pumpkin decorations along my mantle and book shelves in my living room… mixing in old antique architectural pieces, books, feathers, wheat and fabric pumpkins to create a rustic look in earth tones. 

Decorations for fall shelves

mantle decor

Here are more detailed shots of my chalk paint pumpkin displays along with other fall decor in along each shelf.

Detailed shots of shelves with chalk paint pumpkins

As you can see, these chalk paint pumpkins blend in perfectly with all my fall decor.  

Using chalk paint pumpkins in your fall decor

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