Ruff Draft: DIY Easter Vases Wrapped in Yarn

Who is ready for spring?  I am I am!!!!  With spring, comes spring-cleaning… it is time to sort out your old glassware for this next DIY Easter project.  We love refurbishing items into something fresh and new… do you have an old jar, beverage glass or even glass candle holder laying around?  These three miscellaneous items can be turned into Easter vases with just yarn and glue.  Don’t forget to add some of our printable Easter tags from our newest collection to give it that added Easter detail!

Supplies needed:
Glass containers (I used an old pilsner glass, a candle holder and a recycled barbecue sauce jar)
Glue (I used hot glue)



1.  Starting at the bottom rim (or top… it doesn’t matter), glue the beginning yarn strand in place.  Glue around the edge and line it with the yarn, then tuck the lose strand underneath. I glued the first three rows in place for more stability.  Continue to wrap yarn around the glass.  If glass curves, you will need to glue yarn in place to prevent it from sliding.
2. Once you have the desired thickness,  cut the yarn and glue in place.  Glue next yarn color on and keep winding around the jar.


3. Continue to add different colors until you reach the top.  Just to reiterate, as the glass curves, additional glue will be needed.  Along the top rim, glue the yarn until there is no more glass, cut off yarn and glue in place.
*Note, when using hot glue, use minimal pressure, so the glue doesn’t get too thick and lumpy.  Also, tack yarn quickly to glue.  The glue dries fast!


4. That’s all there is to it – using various glass shapes and colors, each vase is one of a kind!  Try wrapping yarn on some plastic Easter eggs with some glue as well!  They would be so cute for an Easter basket display!  Or string them together and make garland (there are tiny holes at each plastic egg end, perfect for stringing).


5. Last dress up your vases with some of our latest Easter Printables, and fresh flowers!   Sit these adorable vases out on Easter Sunday or take along as a hostess gifts!  You can even sneak in a little Peep for fun!



Don’t forget to check out our Easter Peeps S’mores Bag Toppers we have available as a separate item in the shop!


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