Ruff Draft: DIY Mustache Pillow For Your Valentine!

This week, we have been hard at work designing and styling our Mr. and Mrs. Mustache Valentine Collection.  If you didn’t have a chance to see the styled photo shoot, check it out here!  While working on this theme, I created a DIY mustache pillow to give to your favorite Valentine.  My girls have been asking me to make them mustache pillows, and Maureen reminded me of this… suggesting I should show our readers how to do it, since it matched our newest collection!  I typically try to think of something special (besides candy) to surprise the girls with… I’ve given them new movies or music….I’ve done fancy headbands…. one time I got up early, set out new valentine placemats & valentine bowls and made a special breakfast…. needless to say, when Maureen reminded me that my girls keep bugging me for mustache pillows, we knew I had to make them and share with you!


Supplies needed:
1.  Mr. and Mrs. Mustache Valentine Collection – Print the small mustaches silhouettes
2. Fabric cut into (2) 12″ squares (or whatever size you prefer)
3.  Black felt for mustaches (pink or red for added heart)
4. Stitch Witchery


1. First cut out three mustache silhouettes you like best (cut on dotted line).
2. Using the template, trim mustaches out of felt (I pinned the mustache template to the felt, and cut around it)
3. *Optional:  cut out a tiny small heart in contrast color – pink or red to adhere to one mustache


4.  Once felt mustaches are cut and ready, line them up centered on one of the fabric squares.  Using an iron, steam them into place on the pillow with stitch witchery. (I steamed the heart onto the mustache with stitch witchery as well)


5. Stitch mustaches in place (I used black thread b/c I used a busy fabric… but a contrast thread would be cute as well).  *Note – if you don’t like to sew, skip the stitch witchery and glue into place instead with fabric glue.
6. Once mustaches are permanently attached, take the two fabrics squares with right sides together and stitch 1/4″-3/8″ along all four sides, leaving a 2″-3″ opening for stuffing.
7. Stuff pillow until completely full



8. Last, hand stitch the opening shut.

mr-mrs-valentine-mustache-pillow-favor-tag9. Using the favor tag from the Mr. and Mrs. Mustache Valentine Collection, tack on with a ribbon.


Have you thought of something clever to make with our Mr. and Mrs. Mustache Valentine Collection?  If so, we would love to hear!!!


    1. Hi Heather – I bought the fabric from a local store in North Carolina called Mary Jo’s. They have the best fabric deals!!! I don’t think they have an online store, but you could always google “pink damask fabric”.

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