Ruff Draft: Easter Paintings with Free Easter Silhouette Templates {& Sale!}

My daughter Grayce has been begging me to paint with her over the last couple of weeks… so I decided to create some FREE EASTER TEMPLATES that I could share with you, and also use for the Easter Painting project I did with my girls this past weekend.

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Anders Ruff Printable Easter Silhouette Template

– Free Easter Template (download above, printed and cut)
– Paint of your choice (we used acrylic paints)
– Paint brushes and trays for paint
– Canvases
– Yarn
– Hot glue & Glue Gun


1. First paint the background of the canvas in a light color – when using acrylics, you can add water to a little dab of paint and it brushes on like watercolors… very light – just what we want! 


2. Let canvases dry.  (We used a hair dryer to speed up the process)
3. Using the templates, trace them onto each canvas with a pencil – I let the girls place the silhouettes, and I traced for them.


4. Next, let the fun begin!!!  The great thing about acrylic paint is that you can paint over top of mistakes, or paint layers to get the color or look you want!  I let the girls paint the silhouettes, and then I helped them with some touch-ups in the mistake areas….   if they went outside of the silhouette line, I tweaked it for them (they asked me for help)!


I love that Brynne wanted to paint just the templates with an added detail of grass, and Grayce added an entire Easter scene….
Keep in mind that you can also add some color to the background if it is too light.  It is easier to touch-up the background at the end, then try to paint it entirely around the silhouettes.

5. Last, for the final touch – use hot glue to glue on yarn around the edges!  (Want to know how we made the yarn wrapped vases… click here!)




These free silhouettes can be used not only for painting, but creating coloring pages for markers or crayons… you could trace them onto a paper runner for your Easter Kids Table as well! Create some Easter art this weekend – your kids will love it!!! What will you do with these FREE EASTER SILHOUETTES?  We can’t wait to hear!!!

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