Ruff Draft: How to Make Tissue Paper Fringe Tassles

How to make tissue paper fringe tassle garland

I recently made fringe tassle garland for Brynne’s Insta-Party Birthday – it was so easy, inexpensive and actually quicker than I thought it would be.  My daughter and her friends loved it, and Brynne even helped me make the tassles!  I thought it would be fun to show you how to make these fringe tassles out of tissue paper. You can choose multiple tissue paper colors that are used in your party theme.  This adorable fringe garland can be hung along tables, back drops, walls and more!

Tissue paper fringe tassle garland from Instaparty


Supplies needed:
Tissue Paper
Paper trimmer or scissors
Ribbon, String or Twine (we get ours from The Twinery)!

how to make tissue fringe tassle garland

1. Gather supplies and trim tissue paper to 12″ (for 5″ tassle length) – size can be adjusted to whatever you are needing!
2. Slice 12″ long strips about 3/8″ wide strips (if making longer tassle you may want wider strips)
3. Slice 10 – 12 strips
4. Gather the 10-12 strips
5. Twist the strips in the middle, making the twisted portion about 1″ in length
6. Fold twisted strips in half so that the twist creates a loop
7. Tape loop shut (I cut off my clear tape from dispenser, then cut in half with scissors so it is about 1/4″ wide, instead of 1/2″ wide)
8.-9. String tassles together with twine, ribbon or string.

Creating tissue paper fringe tassles for backdtops, tables and more

Stay tuned for more details from Brynne’s Insta Party 11th Birthday!  I will show you more simple DIY projects/desserts soon!
If you didn’t see the Insta-cookies Maureen made for Brynne’s party, click here!  They are just too cute for words!!!


  1. Perfect Timing! I am making a banner for a friend’s shower and was just thinking last night I needed to figure out how to make tissue paper tassles!

    1. Hey Wendy – I found the wooden frame at Micheal’s and then we painted it aqua! They should still be in the stores. Thanks for the message, Adria

  2. Hi I am trying to do the instaparty.
    I know where you got the iron on for goodie bag, but how can i get the camera template with her name on it and also how to get the bigger 3d camera template?

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