Ruff Draft: St. Patrick’s Day Gold Pot with “Clover”

Are you looking for St. Patrick’s Day ideas??  Today, I have an inexpensive gift idea or party favor to show you, that I think you will find easy to do!  In case you haven’t seen the newest St. Patrick’s Day Printable collections, click here.  We are loving adding pink to the classic greens & golds traditionally shown with St. Patrick’s Day decor.  Leprechauns are know for having a pot of gold, but we like gold pots filled with goodies instead!  And, why not fill them with editable “clover” for another cute twist to this festive theme?  We used cilantro for our “clover” – a great way to pass out savory treats instead of sugary sweets!



Supplies needed:
Printable St. Patrick’s Day Collection
Gold spray paint
Small mason jars
Cling wrap
Small rocks *optional
Cilantro plants
Matching shred 


1. Cut cling wrap and insert in between mason jar and open metal lid  (you can also leave metal insert as protection as well)  I used cling wrap, so the metals wouldn’t stick together….


2. After first coat of paint dries, spray again until jar is coated well.
3. Once paint dries, remove cling wrap or protectant metal insert
4. Separate cilantro plants (or any other herb of your choice)
5. Fill mason jars with small rocks to help with drainage *optional
6. Fill the remainder of the jars with potting soil and herbs
7. Add shred to hide soil
8. Add St. Patrick’s Day favor tag or party logo to pots.



You can either hang a tag with twine from the jar, or stick in a party logo and keep it simple – either way is the perfect touch!





This would also work well with parsley or any other leafy herb that you like!  It would even be clever, to add a recipe using cilantro or the herb of your choice!  How great is this to give to your child’s teacher, or your favorite Irish friend???

Hope you can find some fabulous uses for our newest St. Patrick’s Day Printable Collection – we would love to hear what you create with them as well!  Don’t forget about the Good Luck Charms we showed you last week on the Ruff Draft!