Ruff Draft: WELCOME SUMMER and Free Printables!!!

The end of the school year is almost here, and summer is fast approaching!  I always try to do something special for my kids on the last day of school.  They absolutely love ice cream and love sundae bars, so I thought it would be fun to create an Ice Cream Kit that they could use at home.

Everyone needs end of the school-year and summer-time gifts, so why not share some {Free Printables} to use for summer celebrations!!! (Download at the bottom of this post.)


Ice Cream Kit

I found an ice cream kit on the Tip Junkie, and knew right away, I wanted to create something similar for my girls!

side view

Supplies needed:

Free Summer Fun Printables by Anders Ruff

basket to hold treats

shred/ribbon (if you want)

clear cellophane bags



ice cream cones

toppings (I used: mini-gummy bears, nuts, sprinkles, mini- marshmallows, mini-oreo cookies, nonpereils)



Fill basket with shred.

Place cones in clear bags and tie with twine along with printed & cut party logo.

ice cream cones

Fill clear bags with toppings:

I used smaller bags for sprinkles and nuts, and taped on a party logo

sprinkles and nuts

I used medium clear bags for larger toppings – see below for bag topper how to:

bag topper

Print the patterned paper.

Trim along edges.

Fill bag with treats.

Fold bag close and tape shut.

Fold the patterned bag topper in half and cover bag top of clear bag.

bag topper taped

Tape underneath the pattern paper to clear bag in the middle.

Tape ends of pattern paper shut.

tape shut

large treats

You can fill these bags with whatever goodies you like!

Place all items in your basket (note: we found our basket at the dollar store… you can dress up inexpensive baskets with a little ribbon and party logo!)

top view

Final touch – add ribbon and party logo around basket


This basket is the perfect gift as we welcome summer for: kids, teachers, neighbors, birthday party favors and more!

Hope you have a great end of the school year!

PS. The matching invitation is available in the shop here.


  1. I hate to be nit picky, but I think you meant twine, instead of twin. At least I hope so, it would be really hard for me to find a twin to use for this project. ;-0

    1. I fixed it – yes… finding a twin would make this project a little more challenging 🙂

    1. It should work w/ the little Pin bookmark thingy…. Is it not working for you? Feel free to pin!

  2. Hello 🙂 I found your web site by blogs. It’s fabulus I love what you made. Thank’s for the free part. And a question, did you accept french credits card ? or it’s just for Amercains (i don’t have a paypal count).
    Sorry, my english isn’t good. Bonne journée 🙂

    1. Hi Wendy! Paypal actually has an option to checkout with a credit card as a “guest”….. yes! Thank you!

  3. Hi! These printables are GREAT, esp the home organizational ones!

    I wanted to personalize the blank ones in Illustrator – says there’s a password. Could you please share that so I can open to print? Thanks!

  4. j’aime beaucoup !… quelques éléments vont se retrouver sur mes pages de scrap.. merci pour le partage…

  5. Are these printables still available? I can’t seem to find the link…only one that redirects me to this same page. Thank you!

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