Gift Ideas for Teachers

We have some great Gift Ideas for Teachers to thank them for a great start to what will definitely be an awesome school year!  While your child may only be in Week 1 of the school year, your child’s teacher has spent countless (and unpaid) hours prepping supplies and preparing lessons getting ready for Week 1. Plus, your child will love the smile and hug they get for making their teachers day!  
Back to School Gift Ideas for Teachers

What better way to start the year than with a toast to what will be the best school year yet! Teachers can be chatty so having a water filled thermos or cup on hand can be super helpful for them. Fill their cup with some candy, pens, or pencils, hang a little Cheers tag on it and you’re all set!  You can find these tags in our shop here.

start the new year write tags

Make them some adorable (and absolutely yummy) chocolate covered pretzel rods.  We have a free printable tag and DIY tutorial here!

Gift Ideas for Teachers

Free Printable Note Cards so your teacher can keep you and the other parents posted on just how awesome your child is!  Or to remind you that once again you forgot to send in the signed permission slip for the upcoming field trip.

printable teacher gift-Gift Ideas for Teachers

 This Teachers Survival Kit could possibly be your teachers life line at some point during the year.  A little chocolate pick me up, coffee breath remedy, headache relief, and personal hand sanitizer are just a few things that will help keep them going.  Find the printables here in our shop for only $5.50.

Perfect Teacher Gift - Gift Ideas for Teachers

DIY a pencil holder and label it with our free Please Return Me wrap.  Then fill it with some fun pencils (they have super cute ones like these) and wrap them with a tag so they return to the teachers desk.  These extra supplies for your child when they lose their pencil will help them and their teacher!

Wishing everyone a Happy School Year!!