1. Hello!
    I’m from Mexico and I love your page from there I found many ideas that are are super beautiful with every single detail. I know that in USA consider the May 5 as important Mexican holiday, but actually more Nostros celebrate the September 16th is the day of the Independencia of Mexico, and for you is the July 4, on May 5 in Mexico is concocido as the Battle of Puebla and usually only takes place in a state in Mexico called Puebla. Greetings, kisses and blessings. Take care.

  2. Thank you so much. I will be using these next weekend for a youth party at church. Appreciate your work!

  3. How fun! I am going to a Cinco De Mayo party this weekend.

    How long does the salsa last? Like, if I make it wednesday will it last til Sat?

    1. Hi Stevie – when I make my salsa, we eat it the same day or the next day…. I’ve never had it last more than 2 days b/c we eat it all! I would make it the day before your event…. It’s all fresh ingredients so it’s better the first or second day.

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