Free Printable: "We’ve Been Elfed" Door Signs and Instructions

Aime, a fabulous reader of ours, sent us the CUTEST poem to use when “Elfing” this year. We had such a great response from our free BOO signs and instructions that we decided to go ahead and create a free printable “Elfing” Set!

In case you didn’t know…
Elfing=Boo’ing but at Christmas time and with Christmas gifts/goodies

and in case you didn’t know what “Boo’ing” is….

Basically Boo’ing is “Reverse trick-or-treating.” Basically you fill a basket or bag with goodies, toys or anything festive for Halloween and leave it on the front doorstep of a friend or neighbor. You must include a “door sign” and “poem/instructions” so that the recipient knows what this is there for and how to pass long the favor. The recipient will place the door sign on their front door to let others know that they have had a turn being “boo’ed”. Then the recipient gets a turn at this. Pretty soon the whole neighborhood is filled w/ homes with doors that have the signs up!

So… “ELFING” is the same thing! What a fun time of year and a great way to show our friends and neighbors that we care for them!

We designed 2 “We’ve Been Elfed” Door Signs and an instructions poem letter as well..

Door signs…

Download yours for FREE here. Spread the word!


  1. Love, love, LOVE this idea!! Thanks for the great printable.

    I wanted to let you gals know that I am featuring your talents on my blog, WhipperBerry tomorrow. You guys are aaaamazing!!

  2. I can't seem to download this from Scribd. When I click on either "download" button, the box doesn't pop up. Any thoughts?
    Sooo frustrating because I want to continue this with our neighborhood. Everyone loved being "boo'd"

  3. thank you so much!! this are the cutest elf'd printables i have ever seen! now, im off to make some goodies to play elf with:)

  4. I couldn't help but feature you guys again! 🙂 LOOOVE it. On my next years to do list…oh gosh… I can't believe I've got one going already….


  5. Love this. My kids always want to bake lots and lots of goodies at Christmas time, but I always hold them back because then we would have to eat it all. Now I know how we can do all that baking and not have to do all the eating and spread Christmas cheer all at the same time. Thanks so much!!

  6. Oh I am SO in love with the “You’ve been ELFED” !!! Thank you, I will be putting choccies in bags, tying the poem/legs on them, and hanging on neighbours doors, bless you, and a very big THANK YOU ! xxxx

  7. adorable : merci pour le partage !… je cherche des freebies sur le web et je partage mes liens sur Pinterest : je viens d’y ajouter celui-ci !… (j’ai déjà plus de 13000 liens vers des téléchargements gratuits !)

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