Best of the Best Vacation Rentals – Yonder Luxury Mountain Rentals

Adria and I felt like we struck gold when we came across this amazing luxury vacation rental company called Yonder out of Asheville, NC.

We are always looking for amazing places to do our styled photo shoots.  We just happened to be looking for a vacation home for our families and found one that you just have to bookmark!

I don’t know about you but the thought of a vacation always seems sweeter when it is spent with a bunch of family and friends.  My husband and I had always talked about renting a home with some of our close friends and family.  I am a little high maintenance specific about where we stay but when we came across the properties owned by Yonder NC, we couldn’t go wrong.

We visited several times.  Once for a family vacation with friends.  A 2nd time was for our Christmas and Thanksgiving photo shoots. (Remember how GORGEOUS the setting was?!)

Finally, Adria and I had the pleasure of meeting Yonder’s own Steve Frellick and his wife, Donna, at the end of last year during our photo shoot for Better Homes and Gardens (hits stands this August!)  We couldn’t imagine more lovely people.  We dined, celebrated and thoroughly enjoyed their company.  Our stay at the Yonder property was perfect – we felt pampered, special and relaxed.

We know now where we will ALWAYS stay when we visit the lovely city of Asheville, NC.


The quality and craftsmanship of these homes will amaze you.  The tiny details are what matters and Yonder NC has it covered.  I just couldn’t imagine a better set of homes to choose from when picking for a family vacation to the beautiful mountains of North Carolina.

We always find that we can stay at some REALLY gorgeous places with some of our close friends/family and it is actually economical and MORE fun to be in a giant home together than in separate hotel rooms.

I can’t put into words how beautiful and unique each home is, so I have to share some photographs.  These are just SOME of the properties available by Yonder NC.


Planning a vacation (ANY time of year!)… Visit Yonder to find the perfect setting for a beautiful vacation stay.  Make sure to mention Anders Ruff.  Steve will surely have some funny stories about us for you!

We LOVE Yonder!


  1. These are gorgeous luxury villas and they appear to really suit the surrounding environment. I have enjoyed loads of luxury beach holidays but would love to get away into the wilderness like this too.

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