Upcoming Project: Operation Shower {at the PGA Tour / Atlanta}

Operation Shower Peek

Adria and I are thrilled to announce an upcoming project with Operation Shower.  If you aren’t familiar with Operation Shower, they are a non-profit organization that provides beautiful baby showers for military families to ease the burden of deployment.  {Amazing, right?}

Our schedule has been SO busy but we always try to give back in our communities.  This was especially exciting because this is something that we have always wanted to do ever since we learned about Operation Shower.  LeAnn Morrissey and Amy Belle Isle are the leading ladies and we cannot wait to meet them!

The “Red, White & Coo” theme from Fort Bragg earlier this year was beautiful and got a lot of recognition.  Amazing women like Martha Stewart and Michelle Obama were present at the event.

This theme was so popular and patriotic and by popular demand they are hosting another “Red, White and Coo” Shower with a few changes.  The upcoming PGA Tour shower in Atlanta will be an amazing event to help with and attend!

We look forward to meeting everyone there!  Here is a sneak peek at our printables for the event…. (on a Nashville Wraps gable box)

Operation Shower Peek 2


  1. This sounds like such and amazing event to honor these wonderful mothers and thier families! I look forward to hearing how everything goes and all of the details!!

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