Styling The Perfect Holiday Photo

It is that time of year when we are all trying to capture that elusive family holiday photo! When planning pictures, I always start with my setting choice and a color scheme that the entire family wears. No matchy-matchy but colors that are coordinated and look fabulous together. If you need inspiration, look to our new holiday card designs. Maureen and Adria combined hand painted details with graphics and colors that are so fun and unique!

Our amazing photographer, Becca Bond, offered some tips on how to plan your outfits and create lasting memories for your family.

1-Coordinate but don’t match. Remember that you are dressing to create a piece of art that will last for a lifetime and beyond.  It should be not only pleasing to your eyes but also interesting.  Color is very important here.  Look at the color wheel, find a color that you like, and then look across from it to find it’s complimentary color. It’s always a general rule that in order to make everyone look coordinated, keep colors in the same “family” but not the same.  Or have an element that runs through, such as having Dad wear a color that pulls the color of mom’s belt and the baby’s shoes.

I usually find an inspiration piece-whether it is a gorgeous dress for my daughter, a piece of jewelry that I love, or a card design whose colors are fresh and modern.

I found a shirt for my son and a dress for my daughter at J.Crew-my favorite kids brand-and built our colors around those pieces.

2-Go crazy with accessories, patterns, and especially TEXTURE.  I think that you can wear so much more in photo shoots than you would normally wear in real life.  Chunky knit hats, over-the-knee socks on girls over stockings, patterned rainboots on kids, suspenders on boys and jewelry just add another layer to the portraits.

(Photo courtesy of Oasis Photography)

3-Think comfort and style
Comfort is key when working on location.  If think that you may be sitting on the ground at some point, make sure that if you wear a skirt it’s not constrictive.  The same goes for heels that sink into the ground and make walking down a tree lined path.
(photo courtesy of Greg Dodson)
When making a clothing purchase, you really have to consider how much you will be wearing it and how the expense of the item factors in.  When wearing something for a photo shoot, you may be wearing that piece one time, but truly the piece will be timeless because the portrait will always be hanging on your wall.  Your grandkids and great-grandkids will see you wearing the coat in those photos.  So if there’s a special piece that you want from Anthropologie or a sweet outfit from Boden, having portraits made may be just the excuse to pick it up.
(Photos by Becca Bond)
I love the way the family is dressed in modern colors of lavender, grey, and purple. It is such a unique spin on the holiday outfit!
Our new holiday photo card collection is full of fresh, modern colors and patterns. They can inspire a color palette for your holiday photo shoot.  Some of my favorites are the Grey/Aqua Chevron hang tag design, the Diamond Ikat red and grey photo card and the Retro Ornaments card. Choose the design that really fits your family’s style and personality!
Maureen and Adria also take custom orders if you have a design in mind but don’t see exactly what you are looking for!
I want to add one more tip that I always use for my family’s photos-let your individual personalities shine! My son is shy and my daughter-sassy! I love it when a photographer captures this, and I use those images every year for my card. It is just more fun that way!
Photography Tips: Becca Bond Photography
Family Photos: Oasis Photography and Greg Dodson
Printable Holiday Cards: Anders Ruff Custom Designs (available in our shop now!)
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