New Year’s Thoughts from Maureen

As I think about this {2012} year, I start to tear up. 

I’m not sure why but I think it’s just because I have felt so lucky.

Lucky to have an amazing team to work with.
Lucky to have amazing clients to design for.
Lucky to have been asked to do some amazing projects (To quickly name 4 of our favorites – Universal Studios, Better Homes & Gardens, Venus Williams’ Parties and Emily Maynard’s Daughter’s party).
Lucky to have amazing fans and followers to write for.
Lucky to have met so many amazing people.
Lucky to have fabulous women-owned businesses to work on collaborations with. 
Lucky to feel the love each and every time that you order one of our designs.

I feel LUCKY because I know how important your parties are.  Your events and projects mark a memorable point in history and in your personal scrapbook of life.  In our eyes, the designs have to be absolutely perfect.  For you.  For your style.  For your little one’s dream party.  For your holiday get together.  For your teacher’s gifts.  For your classroom party.  Your printables have to be PERFECTLY stylish, unique and eye-catching.  That is our goal.
You search the internet, pinterest, facebook, blogs for the perfect printables…. You have been voting with your dollars and I feel so lucky that you like our work!  We appreciate your support.  It is because of your that we do what we do.

I am TRULY grateful.

The year has been full of ups, along with some challenges, too.  (It’s not all peachy here all the time, everyone!)  Some days are wonderful and others are difficult.  Most are wonderful, and that is why I am so grateful.  No matter how difficult some things may seem, I always remember that somewhere, there are others going through something much more challenging…. and that helps us get through.

THANK YOU. Thank you.

I love this quote and artwork below. Neil Gaiman New Year’s Quote… Read it. It is exactly what I want to say!

2013 will be an interesting year.  Lots of fun projects, I’m sure.  Lots of changes, too, I’m sure!  We have a lot to look forward to and we hope you will continue to enjoy our work and our posts.

Found via Wendy Estes (Layla Grayce) via hummadeedledee blog


Today is not only New Year’s Eve but my Anniversary!  Happy Anniversary to my wonderful, funny, supportive husband.  I am so lucky to have YOU, J.  2013 will be a great one, I know it!



  1. A beautiful post in so many ways, Maureen! 2013 will be a fantastic year for Anders Ruff I’m sure, and Happy Anniversary!!! xo

  2. Loved all of this!! Loved your picture and sentiments, especially. Looking fwd to seeing your amazing efforts in this new year!

  3. Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary Maureen! So, so, so thankful to be a part of the AMAZING Anders Ruff team! So grateful also to have the opportunity to take part in the special celebrations that our amazing customers so carefully plan for their little ones throughout the year! Looking forward to 2013 being fabulous!!

  4. Thrilled to have made your list. love you both and all that you do and you HAVE made my parties 100x better. THANK YOU!

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