Plan your SUMMER PARTY now! We’ve got you covered!

With the hot summer days coming soon, it’s the perfect time to start making preparations for a water themed party!  Beach balls, mermaids, surfing, and sand dollars – with that kind of variety in our shop  we’re bound to have the perfect collection to help add some pizzazz to your event.  You can purchase the full collection at a list price of 50% off of all the a la carte items in them or you can purchase just a few needed items to make certain parts of the party stand out and bring a cohesive feeling to your summer party. Visit our shop to view all of our summer themes!

Splish Splash Summer Party


Splish Splash Chevron Rainbow Pool Party


Beach Surfing Pool Party


luau boy birthday party surf boards

Mermaid Under the Sea Party


Beach Party

Beach birthday dessert table for a summer party or pool party

Nautical Party

Nautical featured image

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