Welcome to the NEW Anders Ruff site!

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Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Wow! It has been 6 years since Anders Ruff started.  What a whirlwind! We are SO thankful for everyone who has followed us along the way and been so supportive of our work, blog, shop

We wanted to start 2016 fresh and new, and so we bring to you our FRESH NEW SITE!  New features, new organization and new products.

The past few years have been extremely difficult personally for me (Maureen).  I will share more when I am ready to open up, but in the meantime I don’t want to be a “buzz kill”, and so please have a look around the new site!

Let’s first take a trip down “memory lane”…

Our logo has evolved a bit to be more fresh and clean.

anders ruff logo

What do ya think?

Oh, and remember our VERY first blog?

anders ruff

Our next iteration of the blog launched in 2011…. here was the first “look”…

new Site

That site went through some changes and NOW we are so excited about the new site.

anders ruff

How do you like the NEW site? We would LOVE you to peek around and let us know!

Keep checking back for more exciting news and some deeply personal posts… coming soon.


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