Getting to know the The Anders and The Ruff behind Anders Ruff

Our shiny new shop is fresh and sparkly so we knew we had to spruce up our profile photos and headshots, as well!  It has been almost 2 years since we updated our pictures.  We hired the best of the best, Becca Bond Photography, to capture some posed and candid shots.  Becca always amazes us.  Her studio was the perfect setting for a fun day of pics.

We feel like we “know” each of our clients because we work on their projects daily and get to see their party photos and hear about their events, etc.  However, sometimes we wish we could meet each one of you in person!  Well, you probably wonder who is behind all of our photo shoots, printable design offerings and freelance projects.  We just want to show you who we really are….

We are REAL people and real friends who do what we love and love what we do.

If you were a fly on the wall in the studio, you would see a super fun and spunky, fashionable and trendy girl, Adria, who says what she thinks at all times.  Adria is caring, generous and just loves to entertain. She often is seen in all black but has been stepping outside her comfort zone and wearing bright colors like I do.   Then you’d have me, the one who looks like a good girl but sometimes throws you a curve ball with a crazy statement or action or dance move and no fear of dramatic ruffles or short skirts.

Of course we HAD to wear our branding colors for the photo shoot.  We even made some adorable “a” and “r” 3D silhouettes (Ruff draft here) to hold.  Anders Ruff headshots, here we come!

We used our fun pom garland from our Gender Neutral Baby Shower and added some hot pink to match our colors, too!

Adria and her sweater say it all…. Adria is a party girl, a socialista who loves to have a good time.  Gotta love being around Adria.  Me, I can hang with the best of them but am known to carry around the same drink all night.

Spike it, Adria.

Turn on Pandora or any music and we bust out our moves.  During photo shoots, design sessions or shopping trips, we are known to cause quite a commotion with our dancing and singing (Adria has been known to crash a Karaoke contest or two).  After all, if you are designing for parties, shouldn’t you be having fun while you do it!? 😉

The following just says it all…

How I love to be working with Adria… Anders Ruff we are.  I feel so lucky, happy and giddy about where my life has brought me.  I feel so lucky to have found my true passion and I hope it shows in our work.  I feel so incredibly honored that we have so many fabulous clients and readers that like our work.  You guys mean everything to us!

Thank you for your support as we launch our new shop.  It means the WORLD to us.

Thanks for letting me share!

Fresh New Shop. Fresh New Photos. Now back to designing and partying it up.

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  1. You two are adorable! Thanks for sharing this, its great to get to know you. Now that you guys are famous I feel so cool saying I “know” you!! Continued success!

  2. Wow! You two look amazing. It must be Becca the photographer? Lol. Seriously, I could not be prouder of both of you. The new website looks great too. Here is to many more successes and opportunities.

  3. Where did you get the adorable “Spike the punch” sweater? Pink and orange is my FAVORITE color combo!

  4. I have never meet you two, but I feel like we have been friends forever after seeing this post. You two ROCK and it definitely shows in your work! What fun pics and congrats on the new site 🙂

  5. whoop-dee-doo!!!!!! You guys look so absolutely
    AMAZING!!! What fun you have….and awesome that you share not only a passion for design, but a true friendship! So proud of your hard, hard work and dedication!!! Great photos of you both!!! xo Mom

  6. amazing!!! I love the pictures! We are planning an adoption celebration in the fall. Trying to get my thoughts together before I email you what I am thinking! You guys know I love some anders ruff to design my printables!!!

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