A {Pink and Yellow} Vintage Carnival Party

Step right up!  Today we are sharing a sweet and girlie vintage pink and yellow carnival birthday party by photographer Angie of Timeless Treasure Photography.  Who said carnivals have to be red, yellow and blue?  Angie set up a gorgeous carnival setting in her backyard and brought in some more “organic” elements like crates and brown paper bag details but then kept along with the classic carnival games and foods.  I adore what she did.

Angie sent out our 4×8 Vintage Carnival printable invitation to her guests.  I love how she displayed them with wooden clothes pins and stamped tickets for the kids to use at the games during the party.

The banner was hung with those adorable mini clothes pins as well. (It’s all about the details, right!?)

I adore the vintage old window that was used on the backdrop with some photos of her daughter, Madison.

The birthday girl, herself….

Tell me how cute this lemonade stand is that her husband built?!  That adorable frame looks so cute framing the printable party sign.

Read on for more details and gorgeous photography….


I love how Angie used kraft bags mixed with the pink and yellow printables.  The favor tags look so cute how she tied them with twine on the gift bags!

In Angie’s words…..

I wanted to keep it “organic” and a bit vintage since it would be outside in my backyard so I incorporated some browns into the theme, using brown paper bag details, brown twine and the vintage coke bottle crate.  AND, I’m a total DIY’er and Pinterest junky so everything you see relating to decor was done by me.  There was a lemonade stand, built by my husband and a prize table that would include everything kids at a carnival would want, candy (lots of candy), cotton candy, and a variety of prizes.

For activities, we had “Madison’s Daddy Dunker”.   Madion’s dad braved the dunk tank and Madison loved to “dunk” him!  AND, when she couldn’t quite hit the bull seye, she just pushed the button!
There was a game called “balloon popper” and there was also “bobbing for apples” for which the kids got tickets that were turned in at the end of the party for prizes and candy at the prize table.  Madison decided to brave the dunk tank after all the dad’s and kids had been in.  As you can see, she just had to have her goggles on!  Go figure! 🙂 Her sister, the little girl in the pink suit was a great sport and let Madison dunk her too, so I’ve included that picture as well.
Thanks, Angie, for sharing this gorgeous party!
You can find our vintage carnival printable invitations and decor in our shop here.  (Pink + Yellow as well as our versions with traditional colorways are available)
Party Invitation:  Anders Ruff
Party Printables: Anders Ruff
Party Rentals:  linens, chairs, dunk tank:  Higgins Party 
11×14 Poster Frame: The Organic Bloom
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  1. I loved the party, Madison is beautiful. And the Daddy Dunker was a great idea. You did a fabulous job, I look forward to working with you in the future with Birthday Parties.

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