A Spa Soiree – Brynne’s 9th Birthday Party

In June, my oldest daughter Brynne, asked me to have a Sleep-over Spa Birthday Party.  I am usually not the type of mom who puts on huge birthday celebrations because my kids have summer birthdays.  Usually we go on a family trip…. do something special for the day… which doesn’t require taking over my house! 🙂

Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE over-the-top Birthday Parties & Decorations as long as I’m not hosting it at my house. LOL

Well, I gave in, and put together this Spa Soiree Sleepover Party in one week.  (This should tell you how easy it was to do)!

Due to the short notice of the party, we emailed everyone to confirm attendance, and then hand-delivered invites.

We took green clothespins (found in the dollar section of Micheal’s), glued magnets to the back, and stitched on cucumber felt cut-outs, so that when each guest received the invite, they could immediately hang it on their refrigerator (I cut out all the felt, and Brynne handstitched them together).


Brynne was very specific as to what she wanted….

“Soaps, massage lotions, bubble bath, bath salts, eye masks, smoothies, facials, nail polishes (the CRACKLE kind), nail files, scented candles, nail kits…” and on and on and on….( I don’t know where she comes up with these kind of details.)

I was like “Seriously, Brynne?????  You want to have an entire Spa in our house?”  “Yes – I want to have some stations in the dining room , smoothies in the kitchen, facials outside, and toes painted at the salon”.  We compromised.  Spa Party in the dining room, toes painted at the Salon.  I had to get creative to fit it in one room, but at least it eliminated birthday chaos through the rest of my home!

We agreed upon a Beauty Bar  for the guests to pick out/take home, which included:

1. gauze sponges

2. bubble bath

3. bath salts

4. body butter

5. bath beads

(cupcakes and various candies)

Front Table

Full Dining Table

At the table, we set up manicure/facial stations.

Table Setting

Each guest had:

1. water bottle

2. pumice scrub

3. manicure kit

4. scrub cloth (wash cloth)

5. large nail file

6. bucket to carry their belongings

7. eye mask

*Note – each item I found at dollar sections in discount stores… I spent $8 on each table setting)  Not bad!!!!!

scrub & nail file wraps

Manicure & Nail Station

I pulled my bathroom containers, set them on a wooden tray, lined it with bath salts & scented candles and used as the centepiece  (jars were  for our cotton pads, q-tips, cotton balls and fresh cucumbers).

I removed all the labels on the containers and created my own – such an inexpensive way to make discounted lotions/containers, etc look fantastic!

I bought a little nail dryer… and then had the exfoliator, facial creme, hand lotions, sitting along-side of the table.

Bathroom Jars


Nail Station

I put little trays on the table to have areas where the girls could sit for different parts – (above) here is where we cleaned their nails, and started the top coats.

Brynne insisted on having a smoothie bar, but I didn’t bring out smoothies until right before we served them.  I used the blue pitcher for cucumber water.

smoothie bar

Just to make it “spa-like” I put mini-cupcakes in a long glass candle-holder.

cupcakes in candleholder

Once the guests arrived, we started off with cucumber sandwiches & refreshments  (Brynne helped me make these)


corner treats

Cucumber sanwiches

Once all the girls had a bite to eat, we headed off to the salon for pedicures!!!


Once we came back – it was SPA TIME…. manicures, facials, smoothies, head massages, the works!!!

Here are a few more up-close photos from the partycupcakes

soap oreo cookies

Brynne wanted chocolate covered oreos, so I asked Maureen to form them into soap shapes from a soap mold – So easy, and so cute!


cupcake up close

body butter

bath salts

Bath beads

body butter

bubble bath



Before the girls left the next day, I designed/printed out 4×6’s of the party for them to take home as keep-sakes

group shot


party favor 2

slumber party

If you like this party, we have Spa Soiree party collection listed in the shop.

This seriously was so easy to pull off, and the girls just LOVED it!!!

If you have any questions about how I created something from this party, send me a comment…. I may include it in our Weekly Ruff Draft!!!

Styling/Printable Graphic Collection / Photography – Anders Ruff
Cupcake Wrappers – Bella Cupcake Couture
Packaging – Nashville Wraps


  1. I LOVE This. this is the theme I’m doing for my daughter’s 13th Birthday party. Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful ideas.

  2. love it all! where did you find the metal tins for the bubble bath & how did you make the tissue pom/flowers?

    1. The tins came from Nashville Wraps…. http://www.nashvillewraps.com/food-packaging/tins-clear-lids/c-049395.html

      I also used clear plastic containers from the dollar store.

      We have two pom tutorials in the Weekly Ruff Draft section of the blog

      Go to the Birthday hats with poms… that’s how I made the ones I used to decorate the party – and some I double layered… a big one with a small one in the middle.

  3. I am completely in love–this is stunning! The colors are perfection, as is every single little detail.

    I cannot believe you pulled this off in a WEEK–a feat it would take us normal humans weeks to do! 🙂

  4. I love this one. I really love the way you recycled items from you house. So creative and the girls look like they had a blast.

  5. Thanks everyone for the great feedback!!! This party was very easy to do, and I encourage you to try it…
    The girls said it was the best party they had been to – and it didn’t cost a ton either! Adria 🙂

  6. love this!! these are my daughter’s favorite colors!! where did you get the template for all the labels?

  7. Love everything, so much so my daughter asked for the exact same spa soiree for her 8th bday! Where did you find your covered glass pedestal cake? stands? I’ve looked everywhere without any luck :(!

    Thank you for you amazing, beyond creative ideas and for sharing them with the world, and us ;).

    In awe,

  8. Where can I purchase or what software do I use to make the cucumber stickers and all the labels you used?

  9. Hi. I am trying to put together a similar party for my daughter. I am curious where you found the eye mask, manicure set, pumice, etc so inexpensive. You mentioned discount stores dollar section. Which stores? How about the bath salts, body butter, etc? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Melanie! Thanks for your note. We got them mostly at Michaels in the dollar spot area – at the time they had spa items. You could also get some inexpensive containers and fill them yourself and label them with our printables… That would be cute, too!

  10. Wow Just wondering do you happen to know how much you spent on everything!?! Thanks amazing job well done!

  11. I love it! I’m doing this for my daughter’s 9th birthday as well. I got some great ideas from you. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Your Spa Party Ideas Were Great! I Am Throwing A 9th Birthday Party For My Daughter In August. Her Favorite Colors Are Pink And Purple So I Am Going To Use Some Of Your Ideas Just A Different Color. I Hope Her Party Can Be As Fabulous As Yours!

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