Blastin’ Off To A Rocket Party

Today we have a super “hot” rocket party feature and are excited to share it with all of you!  Meg, of Maggie Kate, recently planned this Space Rocket Birthday Party for her son.  This party has all the elements any kid would want-jet packs, an incredible play rocket ship, delicious desserts and awesome games to play.  The DIY crafts that Megan thought up were amazing and so creative!  Some of our favorite vendors were involved…. Becca Bond Photography and Made by Morgan!

The colors in the banner really pop against that vibrant green fabric

Anders Ruff Printables are such a fun way to dress up ordinary party fare like water bottles! And who doesn’t need some rocket fuel while buzzing around the “stratosphere?”

I love Meg’s push pops! Such a creative alternate to cupcakes…keep reading for her step by step instructions.

Everything is coordinated right down to the star sandwich pedestal-we love it!

The jet packs were completely hand-made by Mom and Dad! And, what kid wouldn’t love to play in that rocket ship? I’m blown away!

Looks like a the kids are having a blast! I am crazy over those shirts by Made by Morgan. The kids looked adorable in them!

The smiles on the kid’s faces say it all!  It looks like they all had a “blast!”

Meg’s Instructions for the Rocket push pops:
Materials List: washed and dried Push up pop containers, frozen sheet cake, frosting, and a circular cookie cutter (size will vary depending on the size of your push up pop containers)
– Make and freeze your sheet cake (or purchase sheet cake at a bakery and freeze).
– Make your frosting
– Once your sheet cake is frozen, lay it out and begin cutting out circles (this is much easier when the cake is frozen!)  You will need 3 or 4 circles per pop (this will depend on the thickness of your sheet cake)
– After this step I refroze the cake circles because I planned to assemble the pops the next day before the party.
– Layer cake, then frosting, then cake, etc., and put a cupcake like swirl of icing on the top.  We decorated ours with colorful sprinkles to make it festive looking.
– My husband also made our cake pop stand out of a sheet of peg board (can be purchased at any home improvement store).  We had to drill the original holes out a little bit because they were not big enough for the cake pop sticks.  I then spray painted the entire thing after it was built and sanded (several coats).

Rocket pack instructions:
Materials list:
2 empty, washed and dried 2 liter soda bottles, wide Foil tape (from Lowes or Home Depot), thin Colored Electrical tape, hot glue and gun (low temp), 2 (approx. 18”) thin webbed straps (I cut up a couple of my husband’s brand new tie down straps which were like thin seatbelt material)  Your sizes will vary based on the size of the kids, 2 small paper or plastic drink cups (we happened to find the perfect cups at Party City that actually looked like rocket exhaust!), Yellow and pink, red, or orange tissue paper squares, fiber fill.

– Fill each bottle with enough fiber fill to make the bottle look smoky and so that you can’t see through it.
– Hot glue the two washed and dried bottles together (They take quite a while to dry, so start this early!)
– Hot glue the ends of the straps to the bottles.   Put an extra dot of glue up near where the child’s shoulders will be, so the pack doesn’t lean outward and away from them.
– Wrap a strip of foil tape across the middle of the two bottles so that the tape meets in the back (further securing them together.)  The Foil tape is extremely sticky and very tricky not to rip, so be patient.
– Wrap the colored electrical tape of your choice around the bottles at the top and bottom of the foil tape to make it look more finished.
– Cut Xs in the bottom of your paper or plastic cups with an exacto knife.  The Xs need to be large enough to allow the cups to slip over the openings of the 2 liter bottles without ripping the cups, but small enough that they pop on and don’t slip off.  Slip each cup on.  They should lock into place nicely.
– Place a dot of glue on a yellow sheet of tissue paper and lay a pink, red, or orange sheet of tissue paper on top of a yellow one.  Make sure that the points of each edge are in between the yellow points.
– Stick your glue gun inside each cup and place a ring of glue around the opening of the 2 liter bottle.
– Pick up the tissue paper, place your finger in the very middle and push the middle into the cup until it sticks to the glue ring inside the cup.
– Glue an Anders Ruff 2 inch printable party logo on the middle of the foil tape to add a little charm!


Sources / Vendor Credits:
Styled by: Meg of Maggie Kate
Rocket Party Printables: Anders Ruff
Photography: Becca Bond Photography
Rocket shirts for all the children: Made by Morgan
Rocket cookies and star cookie pops: Honeycombs Cookies
Photo Booth Props: The Manic Moose


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