Grayce’s Candyland Birthday Party

Who doesn’t love a reason to eat CANDY???

Today, I am sharing Grayce’s 6th birthday – a Candyland inspired party.

Here is a shot of the invitation that is new to the shop here.

candy land inspired birthday party invitation

Grayce insisted on a candy party… and even though she is a little old to still play the classic Candyland game, we decided it would be perfect inspiration for her candy themed party.

We chose really fun girly colors: pinks, orange, lime green, aqua and yellow instead of the traditional primary rainbow colors.

I wanted a sweet shoppe feel mixed in with gingerbread cookies, bright candies and lots of fun activities.

dessert table

The candy buffet was the main focus, however, I decorated the dining table with a candy forest, playing card placemats and candy building stations.

I also made over-sized candies out of paper plates and pink circular styrofoam, which I attached to the backdrops.

candy stations

I had a side table where we put gingerbread cookies and large sugar cookies for a decorating activity.  We also had little plastic cottages where we stored additional candy supplies.

I figured we might as well use all the candy for crafts – this way the kids didn’t eat as much 🙂

Table details

Maureen made ice cream cupcakes as the main birthday treat (thank goodness she can bake… because I would catch my oven on fire if I tried!)  Are these not the cutest???

We cut out patterned papers and lined the bottoms of the glassware for interest.

Table details 2

Each place setting was a personalized oversized playing card placemat, with a gingerbread figure.  I put a variety of candies in 4 containers to use for the candy necklace building craft.

Each setting also had a large plastic cottage that had gumballs, and different types of strings – they could make multiple candy and gumball necklaces.

I also set out juice boxes wrapped in patterned paper in case they needed a drink!

candy necklace stations
We gave the kids over-sized needles so they could easily thread their necklaces.  It was so fun to see each creation… all the kids made something unique.
stringing necklaces
 Some made plain gumball necklaces, some  made lifesaver necklaces….. some even put all candies/gumballs together.
Once they completed their necklaces, they gathered candies from the candy buffet table, and used them to decorate gingerbread cookies.
necklaces and cookies
The gingerbread cookies were hillarious…. I had no idea what to expect but was pleasantly surprised.  Of course the kids stole some pieces of candy to eat in between building their creations.
gingerbread cookies

They also decorated the over-sized sugar cookies too…. they LOVED using the icing as glue, and the kids actually put a lot of thought and effort into all of it.

They were really proud of the final cookies!

We then sang Happy Birthday to Grayce… she couldn’t wait to take a bite into her icecream cupcake!

happy bday

Want a candylandy inspired party?  Find the invite and package here….

This week for Ruff Draft Wednesday, I will show you how I built the candy forest center piece, and share a few other fun details.



  1. I love this! Where did you find the plastic cottage containers for the candy and supplies for the necklaces?

    1. Hi! We got them at World Market and dressed them up with printables 😉
      We just bought candy with holes for the necklaces and put them in little glass candle holders with printables 😉

      1. How did you get holes through the gum balls. Trying to do that now and it is very difficult. Thanks so much!

  2. HI
    I want to buy the invite but i really want the tags and other things also. You mentioned it was coming just wanted to see if that was soon. It is so cute!

  3. Hi ladies, I was just wondering how you construct your backdrops behind the tables? Would you be willing to share your secrets? Thanks so much!

  4. Absolutely Fab! I’m a beginner party planner/decorator and my BFF asked me to do a candyland party for her daughter . . .I’m looking for inspiration and this is my last stop . . . I adore your decor! Take this as a compliment . . . I’m going to try and replicate your main table, it’s perfect! If you dont do parties for a living it’s a shame! You’re F-A-B!

  5. Hello! Can I ask for your help with the setting of the backdrop. I will like to know what structure you use to set the fabric on tne backdrop please!
    Thanks a lot!

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