Hello Sunshine! A Yellow themed birthday party!

When our customer, Jaedeanne Shaver, asked her daughter what kind of birthday party she wanted, she received a short and sweet answer.  Soon to be 3 year old Ruby simply said, “Yellow”.  And yellow she got! From her Nana’s homemade meringue cookies (yellow of course!) to the cupcakes topped with our Sunshine Birthday Party Logos, Ruby’s mommy delivered in style!

We are so excited that Jaedeanne chose our Sunshine Birthday Party Collection to introduce Ruby’s special day! Take a look at the sweet birthday girl and all of the sunny and stylish festivities…

Thanks so much for sharing, Jaedeanne!

Party Credits:

Photos: http://the-shaver-family.blogspot.com

The Sunshine themed party printable collection is available in the Anders Ruff shop.



  1. Everything is so beautiful, but the beautiful blue eyed girl outshines all food and decorations. How beautiful!

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