Part 1: Jeffrey’s Modern Lego Inspired Party – The Dessert & Lego Candy Bar

Lego Inspired Dessert Table and Candy Bar Detail

This week, I am so excited to share ALL of the details from my son’s 6th birthday (Lego style)!  Jeffrey has loved legos since he was 2.  This year his request was a “Lego” themed birthday party.  He wanted to have it at the Lego Store.  Momma knew that wasn’t going to happen 😉 (I had too much decor and activity ideas to bring to the Lego Store!)  Once I told Jeffrey some of my ideas for the party, he was game for the Lego Inspired party at our home.

Now that I own Anders Ruff, I am always making an extra effort to think of projects/activities and decor ideas that I can share with my fans and clients.  Obviously I wanted the most fabulous Lego Inspired party for Jeffrey, while also being able to offer a full package of ideas and printables to everyone so they can mimic it at home.

There are SO many Lego Party ideas out there on the web so I planned this party without searching the web.  I wanted to style it with my own inspirations and ideas because I didn’t want the other parties to skew what “look” I was going for.  I am sure some ideas overlap, naturally, but I was aiming to come up with something unique, modern and cool.

Part ONE of Jeffrey’s Modern Lego Inspired Birthday Party – The Dessert Table and Lego Candy Bar.

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Dessert Table - Lego PartyDessert tables are so popular these days. The main reason I love them is because they are an opportunity to make a unique statement and convey your theme. (Oh, and hello – the desserts need to go somewhere!)  I don’t think having a dessert table should be the only decor in the room, though.  It does require a lot of effort but instead of focusing all of your effort on the dessert table, try and think outside the box.  There needs to be other decor throughout as well as activities to keep the kiddies busy!  (Which I will share later this week in the other posts for Jeffrey’s party)
Framed Focal Point – The Focal Point on this table was both the “Lego style” “Jeffrey” framed poster (Customized and available as a printable in the shop) and the fabulous cake (from Got What It Cakes)

Decor on Dessert TableFor Jeffrey’s dessert table, I combined 3D elements, printable elements and strung elements.

Giant Lego Motif Backdrop – I used wrapped Capri Sun Boxes to make large scale Lego bricks for the backdrop.  My local “Just a Dollar” store (which, actually is false advertising because everything is $1.09 there) had these fabulous foam discs which I covered with solid wrapping paper.  Those were used to be the “Lego pegs”.  (Note – Capri Suns were purchased in the months prior to the party for soccer games, school class snacks, etc. My kids never get juice but they have recently! Ha!)

Lego Garland – I found clear tubing in the plumbing section of my local hardware store.  After going to the Lego store and filling up a bucket with long straight Legos (of different sizes), I filled the tube with the Legos and tacked it up on my table as an extra garland decor.

Now, to share some of the fabulous desserts! (Credits and Sources at bottom of the post)

desserts lego party

I loved displaying the desserts in solid white unique platters that had geometric interest (like the printable modern Lego inspired collection).  They popped great against the runner (made by A to Zebra Celebrations)

Lego Treats

I made these Oreo Truffle Lego pops (Left photo) and embellished them with a printable party flag from our Modern Lego Inspired Collection.

Oh So Yummy Cookies made the Lego Man Head pops (Right photo).  These were inspired by the talented Amy of Living Locurto and you can find the tutorial here.


lego table top view

lego pops and cookies

My boys and I….

cupcakes and head popsDon’t you LOVE these place card holders?  I printed off the personalized party labels from our collection as well as a “Jeffrey” graphic logo and placed it in a fun acrylic photo holder that I found.  I loved the acrylic to keep with the “plastic/Lego feel”.

lego inspired dessert tableBecca Bond got the cutest shot of Jeffrey as he was about to blow out the candles.

Now, onto the Lego Inspired Candy Bar….

lego inspired candy barCandy Bar Decor – I wanted to use some of the modern elements and patterns from the printable collection, so the backdrop holds a big “SIX” graphic (personalized and available in the shop).  I also strung our printable banner across the front of my buffet.  (I hand cut each letter, but the printable collection also has the option to use the letters within black framed squares).

Inspiration – I wanted the vessels to have consistent colored candies or Legos and shown in clear vessels (and was hoping for acrylic to keep with the “plastic/Lego feel”). I knew I wanted to stack the vessels so that it represented built Legos.

candy barDisplay method – I am always open minded when it comes to displaying desserts and candies.  I was in Ikea and saw a clear acrylic bathroom set.  It had the typical tissue box cover, toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, etc.  It was clear acrylic.  It was $5.  Sold.  5 piece set for $5. (It was a “last chance item”).  I bought 4 sets and for $20, I almost had my vessels covered for the candy bar.  The center vessel was also found at Ikea and was about $15.

I displayed solid colored Legos on the bottom acrylic boxes.  The top boxes held the solid colored candies.

Don’t you LOVE the place card holder (again)….

lego candyOne of my favorite elements from the Lego Inspired Candy Bar was the pegged homemade candy Lego (inspired) dots.

Homemade Candy Lego Buttons – I am obsessed with making my own fun candies and desserts (when I have time).  I decided to use our printable bag topper and peg up some sort of candy on the backdrop.  I immediately thought of candy buttons because of their resemblance to the tops of Legos.  I will do a post and DIY on these later!  The kids loved them and they made a huge impact!

candy barI found these perfect gummy candies that looked like Bricks with the white geometric dots.  I bought a lot. 😉

lego bannerI loved how the banner popped against my black buffet.

I also displayed mini chocolate bars with our printable chocolate bar wrappers.  These were a hit at the party.  They even tasted better because of the cute packaging 😉

candy bar lego favorsI filled the middle clear vessel with red jelly beans and packaged up some cute cookies from Sweeties by Kim and some from Allyson Jane.  I added the printable favor hangtag from our collection and tied it with raffia (from Nashville Wraps)

Overall, the sweets and treats were displayed in the most Lego-tastic way that I found possible.  I hope you enjoyed!

See the FULL Lego Party post here.

Complete Event Styling, Graphic Design and PrintablesAnders Ruff Custom Designs
PhotographyBecca Bond PhotographyPackaging and Decor:
Cupcake Wrappers – Bella Cupcake Couture
Custom Table Runner – A to Zebra Celebrations

Clear Candy Packaging and Cello Bags – Nashville Wraps
All Printed Label Materials –
Custom Cake – Got What It Cakes
Custom Marshmallow Pops – Oh! So Yummy Cookies and Confections

Chocolate Covered Oreos – Sweeties by Kim
Candy – Candy Warehouse
Fondant Cupcake Toppers – Two Sugar Babies
Sugar Cookies – Allyson Jane Designer Desserts
Colored Popcorn – Sugar Bunch Creations


  1. Every single detail is perfect, as always! 🙂 So colorful and full of fun.

    On another note, I’d love to see a post someday with pictures and/or a tutorial of how you construct your table backdrops. I’m struggling with how to get it large enough while still looking crisp and clean {oh, and transportable!}. Do you use some kind of frame, foam core boards, plywood? Does it break down and store easily? I’m having trouble finding much info on the web. Perhaps this could be a Ruff Draft topic soon? 🙂 Thanks!

  2. AMAZING! GREAT JOB!!!!!!!How did you make the Oreo Truffle Lego Pops? Would love to make them for my son 🙂

  3. AMAZING as always!!!!!!! You truly outdo yourself every single time!

    BTW-cannot wait to see the Halloween collection!

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  5. wow! fantastic!

    I love the lego marshmallow pops like Living Locurto did – so simple, marshmallows on a stick, dip them in candy melts and draw the faces- how simple is that.

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