Jeffrey’s Modern Lego Party – Full Detail Feature

lego party dessert table

Dessert Table - Lego Party

I am so excited to share ALL of the details from my son’s 6th birthday (Lego style)!  Jeffrey has loved Lego since he was 2.  This year his request was a “Lego” themed birthday party.  He wanted to have it at the Lego Store.  Momma knew that wasn’t going to happen 😉 (I had too much decor and activity ideas to bring to the Lego Store!)  Once I told Jeffrey some of my ideas for the party, he was game for the Building Brick Inspired party at our home.

Now that I own Anders Ruff, I am always making an extra effort to think of projects/activities and decor ideas that I can share with my fans and clients.  Obviously I wanted the most fabulous Lego Inspired party for Jeffrey, while also being able to offer a full package of ideas and printables to everyone so they can mimic it at home.  We try to make it as easy as possible for you to recreate our ideas yourself!

Keep an eye out for some of our favorite party details:
– Lego Head cake
– DIY large legos used as part of the display on the dessert table
– Lego T-shirts (iron on in shop here)
– Lego Cake Pops

lego party dessert table

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There are SO many Lego Party ideas out there on the web so I planned this party without searching the web.  I wanted to style it with my own inspirations and ideas because I didn’t want the other parties to skew what “look” I was going for.  I am sure some ideas overlap, naturally, but I was aiming to come up with something unique, modern and cool.

Part ONE: The Dessert Table and Lego Candy Bar…

Dessert tables are so popular these days. The main reason I love them is because they are an opportunity to make a unique statement and convey your theme. (Oh, and hello – the desserts need to go somewhere!)  I don’t think having a dessert table should be the only decor in the room, though.  It does require a lot of effort (but I make it easy for you with sources and instructions) but instead of focusing all of your effort on the dessert table, try and think outside the box.  There needs to be other decor throughout as well as activities to keep the kiddies busy!  (more below)

Framed Focal Point – The Focal Point on this table was both the “Lego style” “Jeffrey” framed poster (Customized and available as a printable in the shop) and the fabulous cake (from Got What It Cakes).   We used a plain white frame for hanging the name poster.

Decor on Dessert TableFor Jeffrey’s dessert table, I combined 3D elements, printable elements and strung elements.

Giant Lego Motif Backdrop – I used wrapped Capri Sun Boxes to make large scale lego bricks for the backdrop.  These fabulous foam discs were covered with solid wrapping paper.  Those were used to be the “lego pegs”.  (Note – Capri Suns were purchased in the months prior to the party for soccer games, school class snacks, etc.)

Lego Garland – I found clear tubing in the plumbing section of my local hardware store.  I used a box of random Lego Pieces like this one and I filled the tube with the legos and tacked it up on my table as an extra garland decor.

Now, to share some of the fabulous desserts! (Credits and Sources at bottom of the post)

desserts lego party

I loved displaying the desserts in solid white platters (a styling essential!) (like the printable modern building brick inspired collection).  They popped great against the runner (made by A to Zebra Celebrations)

Lego Treats

I made these Oreo Cake Lego pops (Left photo) using a square silicone mold and embellished them with a printable party flag from our Modern Building Brick Printable Collection.

Oh So Yummy Cookies made the Lego Man Head pops (Right photo).  These were inspired by the talented Amy of Living Locurto and you can find the tutorial here.


lego table top view

lego pops and cookies

cupcakes and head pops

Don’t you LOVE these place card holders?  I printed off the personalized party labels from our collection as well as a “Jeffrey” graphic logo and placed it in a fun acrylic photo holder that I found.  I loved the acrylic to keep with the “plastic/Lego feel”.

lego inspired dessert tableBecca Bond got the cutest shot of Jeffrey as he was about to blow out the candles.

Now, onto the Lego Inspired Candy Bar….

lego inspired candy bar

Candy Bar Decor – I wanted to use some of the modern elements and patterns from the printable collection, so the backdrop holds a big “SIX” graphic (personalized and available in the shop).  I also strung our printable banner across the front of my buffet.  (I hand cut each letter, but the printable collection also has the option to use the letters within black framed squares).

Inspiration – I wanted the vessels to have consistent colored candies or Legos and shown in these fabulous clear acrylic boxes (and was hoping for acrylic to keep with the “plastic/Lego feel”). I knew I wanted to stack the vessels so that it represented built Legos.

candy barDisplay method – I am always open minded when it comes to displaying desserts and candies.  I found these fabulous clear acrylic boxes and had to use them!

I displayed solid colored Legos on the bottom acrylic boxes.  The top boxes held the solid colored candies.

Don’t you LOVE the place card holder (again)….

lego candyOne of my favorite elements from the Lego Inspired Candy Bar was the pegged homemade candy Lego (inspired) dots.

Homemade Candy Lego Buttons – I am obsessed with making my own fun candies and desserts (when I have time).  I decided to use our printable bag topper and peg up some sort of candy on the backdrop.  I immediately thought of candy buttons because of their resemblance to the tops of legos.  I will do a post and DIY on these later!  The kids loved them and they made a huge impact!

candy barI found these perfect gummy candies that looked like Bricks with the white geometric dots.  I bought a lot. 😉

lego bannerI loved how the banner popped against my black buffet.

I also displayed mini chocolate bars with our printable chocolate bar wrappers.  These were a hit at the party.  They even tasted better because of the cute packaging 😉

candy bar lego favorsI filled the middle clear vessel with red jelly beans and packaged up some cute cookies from Sweeties by Kim and some from Allyson Jane.  I added the printable favor hangtag from our collection and tied it with raffia (from Nashville Wraps)

Overall, the sweets and treats were displayed in the most Lego-tastic way that I found possible.


Part TWO of Jeffrey’s Modern Lego Inspired Birthday Party – The Favors and Decor!

Lego DecorHere are details of the favor table…

Lego party favor TableHanging Decor – I hung fabulous paper plate polyhedrons (remember, we made these for the first time in our “I Heart Valentine’s Day” photoshoot?) in red, blue and yellow to add a pop of color to the area.  My dining room walls are red, so it was a pretty BRIGHT area, but perfect for “Lego”.  Here is how you make the paper plate polyhedrons. Use solid paper plates to make these – so easy!

Background – I decided to use part of the coloring poster as a backdrop for the favor table.  My bright red walls needed a break from the color 😉

Lego party favor TableOreo “Lego” Truffle PopsI made Oreo Truffles in the shape of square legos. (These were so easy and fun to make!) and embellished the stick with a printable party flag from our collection. I stuck them into a 3D giant lego that I made with the capri sun box and styro discs. (As seen on the dessert table backdrop)

Lego Inspired Coloring Book and Crayons – My kids love to color, so I decided to design a printable Lego Inspired coloring book (in the shop!) to give as part of the favors at the party. I made the lego man crayons using these amazing molds as well. (Super easy! Check out how to make these Lego minifigure crayons).

Popcorn Favors – We filled cute clear plastic containers (From Nashville Wraps) with colored popcorn and sealed the container shut with strips of our printable patterned papers (included in the printable collection) that we printed on glossy label paper.

Cookies Allyson Jane Designer Desserts made these FABULOUS cookies – I love the modern look!

lego printablesA better look at the fabulous popcorn favors and the printable coloring book.  The coloring book has several pages inside where the kiddies can color their own “lego style man” as well as pages of the patterned blocks to color in their own design.  We made the Lego Minifigure crayons and they were a HIT! Learn how to make them at our Ruff Draft Lego Minifigure crayon making tutorial with these lego molds.

lego party decorTable Decor – My tables NEEDED some centerpiece love, so I decided to continue the use of the stacked giant 3D wrapped blocks as centerpieces.  (Capri sun box + wrapping paper = easy)  Instead of the styrofoam discs for the “pegs”, I added an edible element!  The pegs are actually JELLO in glass candle holders that I found at Ikea. Fabulous, right?

lego party decoration ideasA better look at the jello “pegs”.

Place Setting – Each of the children had primary modern plastic caddy or tote (find here!!) at their place setting.  I added a printable luggage tag with each child’s name (available here).  The children would carry these caddies around with them at the party to all of the activity stations.

Chairs – I made slip covers for my folding chairs so that they looked like the modern lego inspired look from our printable collection.  Super easy! Basically, it is like a pillowcase with one opening and I ironed on white circle fabric with the iron-on adhesive.

lego party decoration ideasPlace Settings (Cont.) – The personalized caddy tote held their utensils that were embellished with legos (hot glue, thank you!) as well as their “Build a Magnet” kit, some treats (embellished with printables of course), and their straw with the printable party flag.

lego party decoration ideasThe boys had the traditional “Lego Logo” style name tag.  The girls had a pink and yellow version.

Name Tag – We also had printed name tags in front of their place settings so that they could put their name on the backs of their shirts.  (Just a fun touch)

lego party decoration ideasPlace Setting, Continued…. – The kids had water bottles with our fun printable drink wrap embellishment and also a fun bright colored drink bottle for them to take home.

You can also see above the centerpiece on one of the other tables.. stacked legos with the jello pegs!

lego fashion

Jeffrey’s buddy, Max (above), was sporting his cool Lego inspired t shirt and name tag on the back….

Fashion – My boys (and I!) were lucky enough to wear super fashionable Lego bracelets.  These bracelets are SO well made and my boys loved them!  I have also seen these bracelets that look like bricks that you could give to all of your guests!

lego party fashionFashion (cont.) – The cool silhouette t-shirts were a hit.  All of the children received these adorable shirts and wore them at the party.  They looked so cute and coordinated really well with the decor (which I loved, of course! haha!)  I still hear stories about how they LOVE these shirts and they are super soft!  You can iron on this printable design onto white T-Shirts using Iron on Transfer Paper

lego partyThanks to Adria (left) for her help the week of the party.  I had a TON of decor to setup and she was fun (as always) to work late nights with.

PS. Adria – Thanks for bringing dirty martinis for my dad to chill him out during the setup! (Grandpa needed it haha!)

Part THREE of Jeffrey’s Modern Lego Inspired Birthday Party – The Games and Activities!

The top priority at the Lego Party was to have fun and unique activities for the kids.  It would be expected to have a bunch of Legos for the kids to build with, but I had to think of something new, fresh and unexpected!

Game 1: Lego Race:
The kids had a BLAST with this game.
I found the clear tubing (as shown on the lego garland on the dessert table) at Lowes Home Improvement and thought it would be the PERFECT vessel for a Lego race.

Each kid teamed up with their buddy and they got a cup of small legos.  The goal was to get their cup of legos to their partner as fast as possible through the clear tubing.  Then their partner had to catch the legos in their cup and send them back through the tube to their partner.  The team to do this the fastest won!  (The prize – a little green envelope embellished with “winner” printable logo and enclosed with a dollar! (At this age, our kids LOVE getting dollar bills).  We did 3 rounds of 3 teams.  It was perfect!

Lego Race

The kids LOVED this game!

Lego Race Game

Lego Race Game

Game 2: Lego Memory Game:
Jeffrey is a master at the “Memory/Matching game”, so I decided to create a “Lego Memoriy Game” for the children to play at the party.  I found these perfectly “lego board green” tins on clearance at Micheals and wiped them out 😉  On our table, I put down a large piece of green wrapping paper ($1 at Target after Christmas clearance) and then evenly spread the green tins to create the “matching game board”.  It looked like the classic green lego baseplate/building board, which made for really cool decor.

Under each “peg”/tin we stuck a printable party logo from our “printable memory game” set.  4 kids played at a time.  Each child would pick 2 “pegs” and see if the lego stickers matched.  If so, they took the pegs, and if not, it was the next child’s turn.  The player with the most pegs won!  The kids loved this game and got really competitive with eachother (and used their minds, too!)

Lego Memory GameDoesn’t it look like a giant lego baseplate / board?!

The winners received a “Winner” envelope with cash money inside 😉 (They were already getting legos and other goodies, so there wasn’t anything left but dollar bills!  $1 for each winner. Big time money.)

Lego Memory Game Board

Game 3: Pin the 6 on the Lego Man:
I love to include classic party games that remind me of my childhood parties.  Pin the tail on the donkey – nope. Pin the “6” on the Lego Style Man, yes!
Each child got a sticker that had a 6 and their name on it.  They were blindfolded and had to try and get their 6 on the “6” on the lego man’s chest.  An oldie but a goodie.  (Available in the shop!)
(I think the kids all cheated because they almost all got it right!)

pin the 6 on the lego style man

The kids really enjoyed playing this game!

pin the 6 on the lego man

Activity 1: Build Your Own Magnet:
In each child’s Lego Tote, they received a cello bag packaged with all of the items needed to build a Lego Magnet.  We packaged it up all cute with a printable party favor tag.

I had gotten a few cups of Legos at my local Lego Store (You can fill your own cup with any legos you want from their lego wall).  I made sure to get equal amounts of each of the styles of legos and also included the mini green “baseplates/boards”.  I glued magnet strips to the backsides of the mini lego baseplates and the kids could build anything they wanted on these bases and use them on their fridge when they got home!

build a lego magnet activity

build a lego magnet activityThis kept the kids busy for awhile!  They all loved creating fun magnets and showing them off to their friends.

Activity 2: Giant Lego Scene Coloring wall;
We created a printable graphic scene for the wall – a 120” by 36” tall poster that we had printed at a local printer (blue print paper) and attached to the wall.  The kids could color on the bricks or little lego man inspired figures with the lego man shaped crayons.

Lego style coloring wall posterColoring wall fun with my homemade Lego Minifigure crayons…

Lego style coloring wall poster

Activity 3: Lego Table
Jeffrey has a Lego Table in his room so we brought that down for the party. I found the cutest step stools for $10 each at TJ Maxx – and it all fell into place because the tops of the stools had the same modern dot pattern as our printable collection and were black and red and white!  They were the perfect height for the kids to sit at around the table which had a huge bowl of legos for building any creation that they dreamed up.  This was a great “filler activity” table for the younger kids who lost interest in my “planned games”.

Some of Jeffrey’s sweet friends…

lego building

Activity 4: Lego Photobooth
Sign Guy printed our pattern (photobooth backdrop file available in our shop for instant download here) onto a backdrop and we used it as a photobooth for the kids to show off their awesome shirts (from Made by Morgan) and Lego creations.


My cute little peanut and Jeffrey (above) and Caryn’s sweet daughter (Elyse) below.

photoboothMore of the photobooth fun….

photo booth lego party

Each child received an adorable Lego Minifigure shirt. There were even girlie versions where the minifigure had a hair bow!  They also got a printable sticker name tag at their place setting and we placed it on their backs.  The kids wore these at the party.

Jeffrey and his brother, Pierson, and I got to wear awesome Lego bracelets that are from Reware Style.   These are the most precious bracelets and the kids all loved them!  I have actually been wearing mine lately and love it.

blowing out cake candles

Wow. What a blast this was!  I will always remember Jeffrey’s 6th Birthday Party!  I hope he will, too!

I hope these posts have given you ideas and inspiration for your own children’s parties!

All of the printable designs shown are available in the shop!

Stay tuned this Friday for a FABULOUS giveaway related to this party!


Complete Event Styling & Concept: Anders Ruff
Printable Invitation and Decor:
Anders Ruff Shop
PhotographyBecca Bond Photography
Packaging and Decor:
Clear Plastic Containers (as shown filled with candy) here
Cupcake Wrappers – Bella Cupcake Couture
Custom Table Runner – A to Zebra Celebrations
Clear Candy Packaging and Cello Bags – Nashville Wraps
We print on 8.5×11 white Labels from –
Plastic Totes at each place setting – here
Solid Wrapping Paper (to wrap boxes to look like Lego) here
Styrofoam discs (to wrap to look like the pegs on the Capri Sun boxes to look like Lego): here
White Rectangular Platters Plates here
Lego Minifigure Molds (to make crayons, chocolates, etc) here
Clear Containers to display candy (cheap, too!) here

Custom Cake – Got What It Cakes
Chocolate Covered Oreos – Sweeties by Kim
Candy – Here
Fondant Cupcake Toppers – Two Sugar Babies
Sugar Cookies – Allyson Jane Designer Desserts
Colored Popcorn – Here

Lego sets for favors (inexpensive ones here or here)
Plastic Caddy for favors – here
Lego Man Shirts – using these Bulk T-shirts and iron on design
Lego Minifigure Crayon Mold – here
Lego Crayons (if you don’t want to make them yourself!)

Lego Bracelets – Reware Style or brick bracelets here

More Helpful Reources to create your OWN Lego Party….
– Square Silicone Mold for the Lego Brick Cake Pops here
– Lego Green Base plate (cute for displaying desserts or for centerpieces) here
– Lego Minifigure Crayon / Chocolate and Gummy Mold here
– Lego Brick Bracelets: here
Solid Paper Plates to make Paper Plate Polyhedrons
Bulk Deal White T-Shirts (To make the shirts shown in the photos)
Iron on Transfer Paper (to make shirts)
Iron on Designs for the shirt


  1. Truly amazing! I love it.

    Here’s a silly detail question…do you know the font used for your Happy Birthday cut-out banner that’s hanging on the black buffet? I’ve been looking for a nice, clean capital font like that.

  2. What an awesome party! I loved everything you did. I am planning my son’s 7th birthday pary in October and he wants a Lego party. I had no idea what to do but after looking at everything you did, I got some few ideas. You are very creative!

    1. The head on the table was the cake and the head on the ground is a lego sorter. I got it at my lego store. Super cute!
      Thanks much!

  3. I’m planning a lego party for my son’s upcoming 7th birthday and I have to tell you that your’s is very inspiring! Thank you for sharing so many of the details. I would love to see how you made the lego candy buttons. I found your tutorial on regular candy buttons from an easter post, but I’m curious as to how you did the flat part for the base. Are you going to be doing any tutorials on that?

    1. Hi Angela! Yes! I will be doing a RUFF DRAFT column on that very soon. Its super easy! You can get the minifigure ice cube tray at the Lego store or online 😉

  4. I was wondering where you got the red and yellow paper with the white polka dots on it that you used on the background wall of the desert table and table.

  5. My son wants a Lego themed party for his 7th birthday coming up in Feb & you have covered every little detail possible with Jeffrey’s party!! Wow!
    I’m a little pressed for time but I’d love to try some of your unique designs. Do you offer printing, too?

    1. Hi Cindy! Thank you! We offer printing for invitations only, but we format our other designs for super easy printing at any local office store like Office Max, Staples, etc. It is very easy! Let us know if you have questions!

  6. I would also like to see how you create the lego candy buttons. This would be a cute favor for my son’s lego birthday party.

  7. I am holding a lego birthday party for my sons 7th birthday in March and have sourced some pvc tubing for the lego race game but was wondering what size tube you used? Your party looks truly fantastic – very inspiring!!!!
    thank you

    1. I believe we used 3/4 inch and we just used the long skinny and short skinny lego bricks 😉 Thanks!

    1. Hi there! These were found at Target last year 😉 The favor tags are in our shop, though!

  8. These are such great ideas!! I am so jealous of your creativity (but thankful at the same time!) How did you get the custom water bottle labels?

  9. Hi-
    I work at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. This year our Halloween theme is Lego Land. Do you have any of this party supplies left over?? We would love anything you could donate…or if you could give us ideas where we could order some of these adorable decorations..we would be so greatful. This is the happiest day for our patients and we want to make it GREAT!! Thanks sooooo much!

  10. Hi! I’ve got inspired about your lego themed birthday party idea and I am planning to do the same for my 4 year old boy. I would like to know where did you find the gummy candies that looked like Bricks.

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    1. Hi there!
      I loved this cake! Our party was in June of 2011 and your tutorial you show was in 2012…. My cake lady did a great job!

  11. I want to know how much this all cost. It’s amazing and wonderful all at once, just wondering if it’s within my party budget.

    1. Hi Tabitha! We are actually listing that in our shop (finally! based on popular demand) – and it should be available tonight. I’ll send you an email when its listed 😉 Thanks!

  12. Interesting party. Will love to incorporate some of these things for a 4 yr old party; however, no coloring at this age.. I would for sure have crayon marks on my walls and most people don’t do the photo booths anymore – so yesterday- photo flip books on the other hand might be a good idea – but really cute regardless.

    The kids name reminds me of the bratty King from Game of Thrones.. poor kid.. LOL!

  13. Would this work for a baby shower? I want to order the invites and things but need to customize for a boy baby shower! 🙂

    Feel free to reply or email. I bookmarked this page. Due in April 2014. Shower in late Feb 2014!

  14. Hi Maureen, Thank you for sharing so many great details. My question is about this and other fantastic parties like it…what do you do with all the decor and supplies afterward? My kids are 11 and 8 and after years and years of amazing theme parties, I just can’t figure out a good way to handle the leftover “stuff”. Some I have donated, some thrown away, some is in storage, but honestly I feel like there must be an organized approach that I am missing. Suggestions?

    1. Hi Chris! Have you heard of You can sell your old party goods! Otherwise, I end up re-using the fabrics and decor for future shoots (since this is my business)… I have given some and donated it, too! But I’d definitely try selling it on My Party is over! Such a great idea!

  15. Wow the activities are so interesting and amazing. The way of organizing the activity is really creative and innovative. The kids in the blog are so cute and adorable.

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    1. Hi Angela,
      We took a piece, double side taped it to the top and carefully cut around it while it was attached to the top of the foam disc (like these: Then we took a strip, and double side taped it around the sides… and carefully trimmed around the top and bottom. Hope that helps!

  17. Hi – Amazing Design!!! Just curious to know if it was cardboard that was wrapped with yellow and white polka dot fabric used as the backdrop for the cake table. Please let me know.

    many thanks!

    1. Hi Katie! We can print the backdrop for you or you can use fabric. If you can’t find the fabric, the printed option is great. WE staple gunned it to the back of a big board. 😉 Email us if you’d prefer the printed option!

  18. Thank you for sharing your ideas! I love the decor and activities. I’m planning a Lego themed party for my son’s fifth birthday and this is very helpful. I was wondering what kind of board you used as the backdrop for the dessert table? Is it wood,foam, or something else? Thank you and happy celebrating!

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  20. Hi- I know this is an old post, but thought I’d ask anyway!! Where did you find the red and yellow polka dot table cloths and runners? I am having a hard time finding any nice fabric or thicker vinyl ones. All I can find are the super thin cheap plastic ones. Do you have any resources for party table cloths? Thanks!! Tiffanie

    1. Hi Tiffanie! We actually found fabric and used that as tablecloths. We can always create a printable pattern for you if you can’t find what you want. Just contact me at if you decide to go the printable route!

  21. This why I love legos so colourful and fun! You’re so good doing this esp the snacks, the designs, the activities and everything in there. The birthday sign word is perfect I just love the theme so much! Please do more!

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