A Rainbow Arts and Crafts Party

Our own fabulous Caryn Johnson planned a super fun party for her daughter’s birthday party. Elyse was turning 6 and loves rainbows and painting/arts and crafts. Caryn decided she wanted to have a rainbow painting party for Elyse.
When she told me the theme, I jumped on board to design something fresh and unique. I love bright colors (as does Adria), and we knew this would fit right in the shop, too!

The party was held at Art Space Studio, a local pottery and painting studio. I love the space because it is fresh/clean and modern with an “open” feel to it. (A lot of those places feel like your grandma’s basement – icky… not this one!)

The party was held in a private room and so there had to be a dessert table, of course! Caryn and I worked on prepping the layout at home the week before and then it was a breeze to set it up once we got to the space on the day of the party.

We used most of the items included in the new Rainbow Arts and Crafts printable collection that is now in our shop. Can’t wait to share more….
Caryn hung the banner from the backdrop. Since the table was not huge, she opted for a smaller banner that just said “Elyse is six”. I had found this fabric at Ikea a long time ago and it matched the set perfectly!

Have you seen this wrapping paper (on the boxes) at Target? Caryn found it before we started designing the paper graphic collection and we decided to use the exact colors and similar patterns for the collection.
Mini chocolate bars were wrapped with fun printable wrappers that said different colors and reflected that color on the graphic.

This was one of my favorite elements at the party – The cupcake presentation.
I had leftover paint pallettes from my son’s party a couple years ago and so we decided to use them as pallettes for the cupcakes!

The kids got to paint their own cupcake with rainbow colored candies.
We used printable cupcake toppers for the fun rainbow cupcakes (when the kids bit into the cupcake, the cake was layers of rainbow colors). Of course, the “cloud” icing was needed on top of the rainbow.

The kids loved decorating/painting their cupcakes – and the palettes made it even more fun for display.

The dessert table also had various candies that the kids could fill their treat bags with at the end. Printable color labels were placed on the vessels with colored candies. (arranged like a rainbow, of course!)

Another shot of the cute cupcakes (Caryn’s mom made the rainbow cupcakes!)

Caryn bought mini water bottles and refilled them with red, yellow and blue Gatorade and labeled the bottles with our printable drink wrap. The kids went ape over it!

The birthday girl had her own special cake that Caryn made for her. (Rainbow cake, again!)
We displayed cute rainbow colored lollipops on the dessert table with coordinating printable sticker labels.

The favors were boxes of crayons (wrapped with a printable crayon wrapper), and sets of paint for the kids.

We found these rainbow colored twisty straws at the dollar store and snatched them up because all kids LOVE those, right. They made cute centerpieces, too!
Here is a shot (dark photography, sorry!) of the door to the party – printable party sign alerted the children where to go for Elyse’s party.

One of my favorite things – wrapping paper. The wrapping paper that Caryn bought at Target was perfect to dress up the neutral tables that were in the space. We ran a runner down the table and then a smaller runner of the contrasting paper pattern. It looked really nice in there!

Here is the birthday girl… she was so happy!

Here is Caryn with Elyse and Lauren – such beautiful girls!

Here are some shots of the kids having fun….

Cake time!

Here is what the rainbow cake turned out like. Elyse was so surprised when she saw what was inside!

Elyse’s little sister, Lauren, posing in front of the dessert table….

Here is a shot of Elyse and my little Jeffrey. Jeffrey said to me – “Mommy, I want to have a party just like that for my birthday and do everything that we did exactly.” 😉

The cupcake decorating was a success….

This theme is perfect for any time of year! I loved helping with this party – so many easy ways to make it all “come together!”

I hope to see some client parties using our printable collection, soon!

The printable collection includes tons of designs to make your party perfectly coordinated and cute!
Customized invitation designs are also available in the shop.

– Party Hostess – Caryn Johnson of Anders Ruff Custom Designs
– Printable Graphic Design Package by Anders Ruff Custom Designs(www.andersruff.com)
– Cupcake Liners from The Cupcake Social (www.thecupcakesocial.com)
– Party Location – Art Space Studio (www.artspacestudio.com)

Great Finds/Sources
– Fabric backdrop – Ikea
– Giant Crayons – Dollar Tree
– Wrapping Paper – Target
– Palettes – Hobby Lobby
– Cake Stand – Home Goods
– Glass Vessels for Candies – Dollar Tree
– Printable Goods – Anders Ruff Custom Designs
– Favor Bags – Target
– Twisty Straws – Dollar Tree
– Lollipops – Oriental Trading


  1. LOVE IT!!! love it, love it, love it! Love the brightness of it without it being overwhelming. Love the cute details, the rainbow water, the lollipops, the candy bars, LOVE the paint M&M's, so cute!!! Very much love this! I am with Jeffrey, I Might want to do this for Charlotte's next birthday, every detail, exactly like it 🙂 🙂 Love it!!!! What a sweet birthday girl with her little sis too!!! Cuties!

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