Ruff Draft: DIY Tissue Paper Flower from our Birthday Girl Doll Party

DIY tissue paper flowers on Ruff Draft

Is everyone ready for the 4th of July?  We celebrated America just last week, in a non-traditional way with a very important Australian family. We threw the sweetest American Girl Doll inspired birthday party for one of our best Australian clients, Yolanda Cerra (a.k.a Kiss Me Kate) and her 5 year old daughter, Neveah!  We wanted to welcome them to the states with an American theme and it just so happened to be little Neveah’s birthday (and she loves DOLLS)!  We used shades of pink and cherry red to create an ombre feel along with treats for the birthday girl and her doll. We will be showing the complete story soon, but in the meantime we thought it would be great to give you a step by step tutorial for one of our photo shoot props, tissue flowers! (Would be sooo cute in red, white & blue to display this week as we celebrate Independence Day)

DIY tutorial for tissue paper flower with paper straw

Supplies needed:
3 or 4 shades of tissue paper (we used pink hues)
Glue gun
Paper straw

Step by step tutorial for tissue paper flowers

1. Layer several 3″ tissue paper squares from darkest to lightest (we did 3 pieces of each color)
2. Stack them on top of each other
3. – 5.  Fold stack in half and cut out flower shape (can be any shape you like… each one can be a little different)
6. Unfold and rotate layers so they are somewhat separated
7. – 8. Staple in the center of flower petals
9. Peel up each flower petal layer and fluff into a flower shape
10. – 13. Using hot glue, dab some in the bottom of the flower and pinch petals around straw.
14. – 15. Fluff remaining flower petals into place

Step by step tutorial for creating tissue paper flower

Use these paper flowers for birthdays, holidays and any other celebration!

DIY tissue paper flower with straw

You can find our Printable Birthday Girl Doll Invitation and collection in the shop now!

Printable American Girl Doll Inspired Birthday Invitation and collection
 Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday week!


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