Ruff Draft: DIY Tooth Fairy Wand

Who loves the Tooth Fairy?  WE DO (and so do our kids)!

For years, I have been leaving printed notes from the Tooth Fairy (well, me) along with a few dollars and some dental hygiene care (new toothbrushes, toothpaste, sugarless gum, etc… ).

I have always typed up something on the computer so my kids wouldn’t think that the Tooth Fairy kind of writes a lot like Santa Claus. Lol

Well – leave it to Maureen… she created an actual Tooth Fairy Printable note & envelope – which is WAY cooler than my little clipart version.  I just LOVE it and think you will too.

We are showing just a sneak peak today, but it will be in the shop this week!

tooth fairy printable note

Just to get you excited about this new release, we thought we would show you how to make a Tooth Fairy wand out of basic scraps you may have around the house.  How fun would it be to leave a wand under your child’s pillow… and tell them that the Tooth Fairy must have forgotten it.  Or you could leave it as a gift from the Tooth Fairy as well!

Supplies needed:
1. 8″ Lollipop stick
2. Paper Straw
3. Felt (any color for the straw, and white for the tooth)
4. Scraps of ribbon
5. Hot glue gun

supplies needed

1. Cut your colored felt into two stars (I made mine approximately 3.5″) and cut out a small tooth shape out of the white felt.  (I found a tooth line drawing online and used that for a template)
2. Heat up your hot glue gun.  Once warm, glue the white tooth onto the front star.
3. Take the 8″ lollipop stick and insert into paper straw for stability (I added a tiny bit of glue to the end).  Make sure bottom ends are flush – the top doesn’t matter because it will eventually get covered.  Once the stick is covered, glue it to the backside star.

glue felt to stick tooth fairy wand

4. Next take your ribbon scraps and glue to the stick and backside star.

glue on ribbons

5. Once you have added ribbons, glue the front star on top and seal closed

glue front to back tooth fairy wand

6. Last, add a ribbon bow to embellish wand with glue, and trim ribbons to desired length.

final bow to tooth fairy wand

This is so simple to construct and your little one will have a Tooth Fairy keepsake! This is an inexpensive gift idea for birthdays as well!  And if you don’t have a paper straw, you can always wrap some ribbon along the lollipop stick to enhance the wand – it is fun to create with whatever you have on hand!

Don’t forget to look for our newest Tooth Fairy Printable note & envelope this week in the shop!


Do you love the Tooth Fairy as well?  Share with others and leave us feedback – we love to hear from you!


    1. Hi Saniel! We will be posting photos of the printables soon and they could be used for boys or girls! The wands could be done for a boy with maybe rik rak instead of ribbon and in blues/greens.

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