Ruff Draft: How to make Candy Centerpieces and more….

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It’s Ruff Draft Time!
If you liked yesterday’s post about Grayce’s 6th Candyland inspired birthday party, you will be happy to see our insider’s scoop on how we made some of the displays.
Just an FYI…. the invitation is now available, and the collection will be in the shop this week.
We’ve had lots of questions about how we display lollipops, cake pops, cookie pops, etc….  It’s actually a basic concept and so easy to do!
For the candyland party, I wanted to create a candy forest for the main focal point on the dining room table.
You will laugh at how simple these bases are to make and so perfect for when you need to display upright treats (on sticks)!
Supplies needed:
Styrofoam (size of your choice)
Duct tape / regular tape / scissors
Wrapping Paper
Extras:  Lollipops
Candy canes or other candy on sticks
Skewers for taffy
Candyland printables
1. First lay out your pieces of styrofoam (you can also use floral styrofoam – any type will work, you just need the size you want)
I used 3 thin pieces to make a long, flat display
2. Duct tape pieces together, to make them sturdy
Styrofoam Base
Styrofoam Base

3. Use your wrapping paper to cover all sides

4. Once completed, tape a ribbon border along all sides

Wrapping Styrofoam Bases
Wrapping Styrofoam Bases

5.  Stick each lollipop into the styrofoam base

6. Candy canes can be used in this (you will need to poke holes a little bigger)

7. Get creative – use wooden skewers to make candy kabobs with soft taffies or soft chocolates (chocolates are shown in the small blue/silver wrappers)

8. Place loose candies in colorful wrappers at the bottom or use fun meringues along base as well.  

Candy Inserts
Candy Inserts

 9. To finish your candy forest display – print out the various party logos, “candy forest” pennants, and gumdrop toppers.

10. Use the printables to add the final touches on the lollipops, and wooden skewers.

 We used the Styrofoam bases to create lollipop displays for the candy buffet table and the cookie table.

Styrofoam Bases (used for lollipops and gingerbread pops)
Styrofoam Bases (used for lollipops and gingerbread pops)

Another easy detail we used for the party was a candy garland that we hung from the chandelier.

Brynne and Grayce made this for us, while Maureen and I were setting up… it gave the girls something to do while we were busy working. 🙂

We used fruit cheerios for this… Grayce removed all the purple ones for Brynne, while Brynne strung them.

Candy Garland
Candy Garland

As you can see, Brynne made a cute pattern – 3 of each color in a row, (using pink, yellow, green, and orange cheerios)

Once the garland was made, we taped it to the chandelier, and then taped on upside-down lollipops.

This was so cute, and so simple to do – and the girls LOVED helping!

(What a fun garland for a kids Christmas Tree as well!)


One other quick detail we wanted to share with you is how we created the oversized candies on the backdrops.

For the white candies, we took two small paper plates, taped them together and wrapped with clear cello paper from Nashville Wraps.

Oversized Candies
Oversized Candies
For the smaller candies – we used the cello wrap, but used a round pink styrofoam disc for the insert,  found at the dollar store.
Small Candies
Small Candies
One other detail (you may not have noticed)… we used the cello wrap to make the cookies look like candies as well, for the cookie decorating craft.  This was Brynne’s idea – and she was thrilled to see us do something she had suggested – kids are so excited when you actually listen to them 🙂
Wrapped Cookies
Wrapped Cookies

This party was so much fun to create… the colors were bright and cheery…. the kids were so involved, each step of the way.

Wouldn’t this be a great birthday party for kids that have December or January birthdays??? – you could have them build gingerbread houses (get them on clearance if your child’s birthday is after Christmas).

 This party is great for any time of the year, but I think it could be especially fun for those who have birthdays near Christmas time.

Want a candyland inspired party?  Find the invite here, and matching collection will be coming soon!


Was this post helpful?  We LOVE feedback… leave us a comment or share with others.  Did you want to know anything else about this fabulous party?   Ask us… we may use your question for another Ruff Draft!





  1. Thanks so much for this info – these ideas are AWESOME! I’m in charge of hospitality for my son’s school’s PTO – the school theme this year is Dr. Seuss’ “Oh, the Places We’ll Go”,and I can see that this candy forest could be adapted a little with some Dr. Seuss characters in the forest, to be used on one of the monthly treat tables I set up for the teachers. Thanks so much for the ideas!

  2. Great ideas ladies! Thanks for taking the time to share them with us. I love your blog and have been following for a while now 🙂

  3. What is behind the first backdrop behind the big white table? Im trying to make s backdrop but,its unstable and its looks obvious i have cardboard behind it lol.

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