Ruff Draft: Insta-cookies from Brynne’s Instagram Inspired 11th Birthday Party

Ruff Draft Insta-cookie tutorial

So this week was my daughter Brynne’s 11th birthday party… and if you have been following us on facebook, you will have figured out that her theme was inspired by the must-have app, Instagram (in fun tween colors)!  I created the invite a few weeks ago… but didn’t have time to work on anything else until Monday of this week.  (I prop-shopped, designed the printables and styled the party in 2.5 days.. and I wonder why my head is spinning in circles this week!)


Maureen showed a sneak peak on facebook of the “Insta-cookies” she made (she created them in less than 2 hours – from concept to completion).  We received such fabulous comments (thank you followers) that we knew right away that we needed to show everyone the step by step tutorial because they are so darn cute and easy to make!!!

Instagram Inspired Birthday Party Insta-cookies


Chessmen cookies
Mini Oreo cookies
Melting chocolate (colors of your choice)
Fondant (grey and black)
Cookie cutters

Ingredients for Insta-cookies

1. Melt chocolate in a bowl, according to package instructions
2. Dip chessmen cookies into chocolate with fork… (covering both sides)
3. Lift cookie out of chocolate with the bottom facing up – we shake the cookie gently so the chocolate smooths out and isn’t so lumpy
4. Add mini oreos while chocolate still is wet.
5. Allow dry time


6. Once cookie is dry, pipe stripes along top with melting chocolate in various colors
7. Cut out two fondant circles (we used mini circle cookie cutters) – the bottom grey fondant circle should be slightly smaller thant the oreo… and then add a black circle (a tiny bit smaller) on top to create the lens.
8. To get fondant to adhere to the cookie and each other, add a tiny bit of melting chocolate in between layers.
9. Once chocolate has hardened, cookie is complete!

Stay tuned for more party ideas and the complete feature from Brynne’s Insta-Party!

Coming soon to the shop is the entire printable birthday collection.  Click here to purchase the Insta-Party Printable Invitation!


Designer and Stylist for Anders Ruff


  1. Hi my name is Tyeshi Hernandez, I really would love love to order ALL the Instagram printables but I’m having a hard time doing so. My daughter bday isn’t until October but I like ordering party stuff EARLY. If someone could please help me do so it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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