Ruff Draft: Marshmallow Flower Pops from Ricki’s Glam Camping Party

We have been showing off  Ricki’s Glamping Party recently – did anyone catch the writeup posted on Life & Style yesterday???  They interviewed us about the party… check it out when you have a chance!

Today, we are excited to share with you how we made our chocolate dipped marshmallow flower pops, seen on the dessert table.

dessert table

We displayed these adorable marshmallow flower pops under a glass dome to give a terrarium effect.  We used our leaf templates found in the our Glam Camping Printable Collection to add extra detail to the pops.

flowers on dessert table

You will love how easy these cute treats are to make!

Supplies needed:

Printed and precut leaves from Glam Camping Printable Collection


Melting chocolate

Sprinkes (we used larger pearlized sprinkles to give more of a flower look)

Wooden skewers

1/8″ hole punch



1. First prep your melting chocolate, so it is ready to dip (follow bag directions)

2. Insert your skewer into the marshmallow (leaving point at bottom, not in marshamallow)

3. Dip marshmallow into the bowl, and twist it in the chocolate

dip chocolate

4. You will want to twist the marshmallow in the chocolate, to try to get an even coat (Maureen can do this perfectly)… me – not so much!

marshmallow with chocolate

5. Once marshmallow is coated with chocolate, lightly dip the top of the marshmallow into the sprinkles bowl to coat top

coating with sprinkles


Coated top

6. Lightly tap the sprinkles into place if need be.

7. Stand upright to dry (you can insert into styrofoam, or in tall glasses… whatever you have around the house)

8. Take your printed and precut patterned paper leaves, and use 1/8″ hole punch to make holes

hole punch

9. The key to this, is to make your hole a tiny bit smaller than the wooden skewer… you will need to carefully twist them on, starting at the smaller point end, and slide them up into place.

Once you have them in place, twist them a little more forward to the front, so the pattern pops more.

putting on leaves

flower finished

10. Trim stick to length needed and that’s it!  You can add as many leaves as you like… just depends on how long you leave the stick.


Don’t forget about the cute postcard invite that coordinates with the collection!!!

marshmallow top view

We have lots of great inspiration for glamping parties – take a look on our Pinterest board!


  1. OMG! TOO cute! Will be making the marshmellow pops for my daughter’s birthday this year!!!

  2. LOVE THIS!! I can’t wait to try these for my daughter’s party! Thanks for the inspiration, ladies!!

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