Pierson’s Laser Tag Party Peek

laser tag party

laser tag party

This past weekend I had Pierson’s Laser Tag party, which was a total blast and a HIT!  I will be honest, this one was a tough one.  Here are the reasons why:

1) We just found out we are moving back to South Carolina. Yep!  We moved up to Wisconsin just 15 short months ago and now we are making the move back. I’m excited for J for his new promotion and love the people in Charlotte and our family down there, but it will be bittersweet. I love love the people here. Needless to say I’m wrapping my brain around all of this.
2) My husband has been traveling every week for a month or two and Pierson’s real birthday was January 30th.  I had a sleepover party for him with a couple buddies on his real day but we needed to do the real party. Yes, 6 weeks later. Blame my husband!

4) I just started designing the printables the week of (whereas I typically do a few weeks before)
5) The theme is laser tag. Period. The end.
6) I only had 30 minutes to set up the room at the laser tag party place and the lighting was terrible. Oh, and my right hand lady photographer was not available (Michelle Kujawski Photography) so I had to rely on my own skills.  Well then my DSLR camera was not working so it was quite a nightmare. I literally took these photos mostly with my iPhone.  First party I’ve had for my kids where I didn’t have a photographer! EEK!

So, that led me to just have a normal birthday party. Not really “Maureen style”. Nothing wrong with that.

I really wanted to make his party “real”.  Meaning – what would parents actually do for a laser tag party.  Most of the time, I plan these over the top parties with every possible idea you could imagine. I don’t expect people to replicate the entire party, but we think of ourselves as idea curators who help you with lots of ideas and you can pick and choose what you want to do for your own party.

For the laser tag party, there were limits. For instance, we had no time for a dessert table. The kids barely had 2 seconds to scarf down their pizza let alone enjoy desserts on a dessert table.  (Now, at the bowling party, that was PERFECT to have the dessert table because they could snack in between bowling.  Even if other party people to the left and right of us looked at me like I was crazy)

Well, I am exhausted so I will post more this week. Stay tuned!