Our Halloween Photoshoot!

Well, we have been talking and talking and showing a few photos here and there from our Happy Halloween Design Collection photo shoot . . . now we figured was the time to show all of the amazing shots we got of the table.

This printable design collection is so versatile! We include lots of items that are multi-purpose. Check it out!

Yes, we made everything on the table and used the design collection for ALL of the paper products/graphic products you see! You could do it, too! Super simple!

Here is the full shot of the table…

Another full shot with the banner…

Drink wraps and candy bar wrappers . . . love personalizing ALL of the things I serve at parties!
Halloween circle party signs – great for single design door hanger, banner or strung together as a backdrop . . .

How about those goblin goodies? We used the patterned papers that are included in the printable design collection to wrap those cute little packages of organic cookies and crackers . . .

We made the caramel apples and drizzled them with chocolate. Also, we packaged up some orange jelly beans in cute bags and tied shut with a tag from the printable collection . . .

We made yummy peanut butter rice krispie treat ball pops with some orange coloring . . . rolled them into balls and dipped in chocolate . . . how fun!? Then we made bigger versions w/o peanut butter and drizzled with chocolate and made them into pops . . . We put little tags on the top of the pop sticks that we cut from the patterned paper – so simple!

The chocolate cupcakes are rested in cupcake liners from The Cupcake Social!
We used the patterned papers to create the popcorn cones! Served cheesy orange popcorn 😉
We wrapped big chocolate bars w/ the candy bar wrapper design that is included in the printable design package. We also wrapped the minis!
We used mini cupcake liners from The Cupcake Social to serve little black and orange jelly beans. Don’t they remind you of candy corn!? Check out her shop for great liners for any occasion / holiday!
Our Happy Halloween Printable Design Collection is
available in our shop! Only $15 for over $275 worth of graphic designs!

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