How To: 1D Ipod Cookie Tutorial

1D This is Us Ipod Cookies

ipod cookie recipe

Today, we are sharing the simple steps to making the One Direction Ipod Cookies that we showed at the 1D Movie Party!

We hope you have been enjoying our 1D: This is Us Movie Viewing Party posts!  (Be sure to share your own parties with #1dMovieParty on instagram, twitter, etc!) If you missed it, check out the full party post here, the One Direction fashion tips here, the DIY Printables Tutorial here and the Microphone Cake Pop Recipe here….

Now, for the details on how to make these simple Ipod Cookies!

one direction ipod cookies

Ingredients Needed:
– Pepperidge Farm Chessmen Cookies
– Chocolate Melts (We used white but you can make your ipods any color!)
– Black Licorice Wheels (We used Haribo ones here)
Fondant (Don’t be nervous – fondant is easy to use just like modeling clay! You can find it here on amazon or get at Michaels or any craft store)

Free Printable Download:
Download the Printable 1D Ipod Cookie Labels – andersruff-1D-This-Is-Us-Movie-Viewing-Party-Ipod-Cookie-Labels

Other Helpful Materials:
– Microwave safe bowl
– Spoon and Fork
– Waxed Paper
– Piping Tip (We used the round opening as our small “cookie cutter” for the fondant)
– Cookie Sheet
– Rolling Pin

Melt your chocolate in your microwave safe bowl.  We do it in 30 second increments so that we don’t over heat it.

melt chocolate

Dip your chessmen into the white chocolate.  We like to use a fork for this step so that we can get the cookie completely coated.

Lay the cookies out on the waxed paper lined cookie sheet to dry.

wax paper lined sheet

Add a tiny bit of black food coloring to a small ball of white fondant.  Massage the fondant until the color is incorporated completely.
Roll out the fondant into a thin layer.

Cut circles using the large side of a icing piping tip.  This makes the perfect sized small round circle for the ipod button!  You can poke another small hole in the center using the small round tip on the other end!


black licorice

Separate the licorice wheel into long strips.  The Haribo black licorice has two strands connected and then rolled into a wheel.  Unroll that wheel and you will use that for the headphones cord!

For the ear buds – we just repeated step 4 with the grey fondant.  We then added another small ball of fondant onto the circle of fondant.

We then used some extra white melting chocolate to adhere the fondant pieces to the cookie and the licorice to the cookie.


Using white melting chocolate (as glue), adhere the 1D Printable Cookie Label Photo for the final touch.  Be sure to tell guests to remove the photo before eating, if using photo paper or any other non-edible paper/ink.

ipod cookies

Download the Printable 1D Ipod Cookie Labels – andersruff-1D-This-Is-Us-Movie-Viewing-Party-Ipod-Cookie-Labels


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Printable Graphic Designs, Concept & Styling: Anders Ruff
Photography: Becca Bond Photography

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