Project Buzz – Anders Ruff + Better Homes and Gardens!

Did the colors throw you off?
Exciting news! Adria and I are going to be a little quiet this week because we are out of town producing a Halloween story with Better Homes and Gardens.

The editor of the Better Homes & Gardens Tricks and Treats Magazine contacted us and asked us to produce a Halloween Story for fall 2012.  (Just when we thought Halloween was over, the fun was about to begin!)  Their Tricks and Treats magazine is their best selling news stand magazine, so that makes it even MORE exciting!

We can’t wait to share more details… This is going to be so fabulous!

Have a wonderful week!!!


  1. That is fantastic; I’m so excited for you! Thank you for the continued inspiration ladies! Enjoy all of your successes!

  2. Great news! Your designs and ideas lift my spirits and always get me in a celebratory mood. Thank you for creating products that make all of our special days so beautiful. Can’t wait to see the issue!

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