Ruff Draft: HOP DIY Gumball Machines

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Today, we wanted to show you how we made the over sized Gumball Machines you see on our dessert table, styled for Universal’s HOP DVD.

We found this easy tutorial from Kara’s Party Ideas – it is such a clever concept, we knew we had to include them to show off our Easter Candy Decor!

We bought the largest terra cotta pots possible to give that grand illusion of massive gumballs!

table cropped

Supplies needed:

Terra cotta pot with base (any size you like)

Glass bowl (fish bowl)

Wooden ball

Permanent glue (we used hot glue)

Spray Paint

Gumballs (we love Candy Warehouse)



1. Spray paint the terra cotta pot, base and wooden ball – we sprayed several coats




2. Once wooden pieces are dry, set glass bowl on top of upside-down pot.  (We did not glue glass bowl to terra cotta pot, so we could remove & store easier)

glass on pot

3.  Add base to the top of the glass bowl, and glue wooden ball to top of lid.

finished gumball

Voilà!  A Gumball Machine in minutes!

Add matching gumballs, multi-colored jelly beans or any other various candies…  what a great accent piece or focal point for any birthday party!

gumball on side table

Are these gumball machines, fun or what??  So simple, and yet inexpensive as well.


Visit our full styled party here to see more ideas from this festive photoshoot.

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    1. Hi Brynne. Does your mom know that you are asking this? You are a RUFF afterall, you should be able to follow the RUFF Draft! 😉

  1. Does this mean that I won’t get a chance to win one?. ;-(

    Tis. OK, I willjust make one or two. They are so cute and easy to make.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Of course since food is involved you did not spray the inside of the lid. What did you use ? I was thinking of gluing a circle of aluminum foil to the inside lid! Love this idea!

    1. We didn’t glue the lid down because we wanted to be able to get the gumballs out 😉

    1. The big drink bottle carafe was from Ikea and the small glass bottles are from Shop Sweet Lulu. Thank you!

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