Ruff Draft: Kid-Friendly St. Patrick-tinis

We are bumping up our Ruff Draft for this week to be sure an allow enough time for you to make use of this tutorial this week!

Want to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your kids this year?  Here’s a great way to allow your kids to be a part of that Irish Spirit without the alcohol!

I found this fantastic recipe from The Food Librarian – and thought how fun would it be, as a St. Patrick-tini???

Use our Lucky St. Patrick’s Day Printables to add embellishments, and your kids will love this festive flair!


st patricktinis

St. Patrick-tini:

Mix together to dissolve:
2 large packages (6 oz each) of green Jello (or
any flavor)
1 packet of unflavored gelatin
4 cups boiling

1 quart vanilla ice cream (I would use less ice cream next
Stir til dissolved

into each martini glass –

**adult version add 1 jigger of your favorite vodka per glass (mix alcohol into your jello mixture before pouring into glass)

Add lime twist or grape “olives” to each glass
Refrigerate overnight, or place in your freezer until jello is set.

The ice cream will float to the top of the jello

(I love that you get a layered look, without all the fuss!)

 Adult VersionAdult version:  add a twist of lime with a splash of spirits!

kid versionKid version:  Add three grapes instead of traditional martini olives

Don’t forget to add your: Lucky St. Patrick’s Day Printables to top it off!!!


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