The Launch Party of Eleven by Venus Williams in Miami

We are excited to share some photos from the Miami event for the launch of Venus Williams’ new capsule collection for her tennis line, Eleven by Venus Williams.  The patterns, designs and concepts for the tennis clothing is stunning.  I adore the modern look as well as the detail Venus put into her designs.

Lara Shriftman planned this beautiful Miami party for Venus Williams.  There are 2 more parties to follow this summer.  We were honored to design the printable paper elements for Venus’ launch events!

We were unable to attend the Miami party but my team will be at the Hamptons party in August (We already can’t wait!  We wouldn’t miss it!)

The location was stunning.  The Bath Club in Miami was the perfect scene for this chic event.  Read on for all of the photographs of the guests and party setup.

{Venus Williams}

{Venus and Serena Williams}

{Ingrid Hoffman and Venus Williams}

We designed cupcake toppers with Venus’ logo “Eleven” inside a tennis ball.

Lara printed out patterned paper and used as tray liners.

{Stephanie Sayfie Aagard and Venus Williams}

{Grey Goose Vodka and the signature cocktail – Honey Deuce Cocktail.  Anders Ruff printable folding party label designed custom for the event.}

{Venus Williams and Shane Talbott, of Talbott Teas.  Individual glasses were adorned with a printable label.}

{Jamba Juice – Berry UpBEET(TM)}

Vegan Hors D’ouvres included Seitan Burgers, Sweet corn pancakes from La Basque.  Custom party flags on toothpicks embellished the delicious appetizers.

{Good Greens Bars with customized printable labels}

We designed drink wraps that featured the signature “hidden message” from Venus’ tennis line.  {“Oh & Oh Beat Em!”}

{The party planner herself – Lara Shrifman and son, Lucas Bacardi Shriftman}

Printable flags that we designed adorned the vegan Hors D’ouvres from La Basque.



{Venus Williams, friend of Venus, Serena Williams}

{Venus Williams with Gabrielle Union}

Venus joined her friends on the courts.

Don’t you just LOVE her new line for “Eleven by Venus Williams”!?  The dress Venus is wearing is my new favorite.

Congrats on the launch, Venus!  We can’t wait to wear some tennis clothing from your gorgeous new line!

Wonderful job on the party plans, Lara.  We were honored to get to design the printables for this special day.

We can’t wait to share more in the coming weeks!


  1. SO COOL!!!!! Loving all the details & the outfits! Let me know if you need help with the party @ the Hamptons… ha! xoxo

  2. As if you weren’t awesome enough… You guys do such beautiful work. I hope you realize that you truly set the standard in your market!

    You ROCK!!!

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