My Little Pony Inspired Party

This beautiful My Little Pony themed party brings the Pony theme to life while keeping the actual characters at bay.  Styled by Marissa, owner of  Konfetti Love, which is an event styling company in Pretoria, South Africa.

What we love about this party:
– Bright fun colors that create a fun and energizing color pallet
– Beautiful cake (both inside and out) with hand cut cake toppers 
– Simplicity of the My Little Pony silhouettes used on various party decorations

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I tend to have a love hate relationship with character themed parties. Their colours are loud, bold and they normally have a lot going on. I find this particularly challenging because my style of decorating is usually toned down, symmetrical and methodical.  

Themed parties require a lot of detail and there’s a certain expectation in order to pull it off. Something I’ve realised while looking for inspiration on themes and styling is that people usually overload their parties with readily available themed items such as cups, party plates, confetti and other banners which more often than not don’t event match at all. My number one rule is to limit these themed items and in a best case scenario not have them at the party at all. I strive for custom and unique parties so I prefer to make and design everything from scratch.


 The same rule applied with this My Little Pony party. I decided to use MLP silhouettes throughout to keep the high contrasting colours and blacks literally, out of the picture.  My start off point is normally a good invitation and from there on all the good stuff happens. I opted for toned down pastels (mostly lilacs) and incorporated soft greens, yellows, oranges, teals and pinks. I tried to incorporate the MLP silhouettes as much as possible to ensure that it remained a My Little Pony party. 

Although this was ’n toned down MLP version, I knew that it had to have a massive pop of colour somewhere so I made a large accordion arch over the desert table and used the brightest accordions and acorns I could find. I added a few bits of silver tassles for a bit of sparkle – what 5 year old doesn’t like a bit of sparkle?!  It framed the table perfectly and really made the table stand out.  A very lucky find was the little My Litte Pony Pez dispensers. They also brought in a bit of colour and the girls went straight for these! Another great add on to the table was the lilac bottle caps. I couldn’t find anything suitable and colour coordinated for the rainbow candy floss and sherbet coated marshmallows, so I sprayed their white caps lilac. It worked brilliantly. The table also served up some pink lemonade juice served in custom MLP silhouette bottles and yummy grape center macarons that Freckled Ginger made. The showstopper must have been the cake. It boasted tons of colour and Rozanne from Rozanne’s Cakes made the most gorgeous cake with handcut MLP silhouette toppers. It had rainbow layered cake inside with a white chocolate icing – absolutely delicious! Off course none of this would have been possible with a wonderful photographer by your side to document it all – this credit belongs to Littish from Littish Photography.  

Beside the main desert table we had a kiddies table with a placesetting for each girl. Each placesetting had a lovely lilac plate, cup & straw, a little goody bag and a custom name tag. The goody bag had extra Pez refills, coloured hair extension clips just like Rainbow Dash and lovely rainbow stickers. I had custom MLP silhouette vinyls made up for the kiddies ghost chairs to once again, bring in the theme a bit. It really added a special touch to the table. 

I remember as a kid what absolute fun Musical Chairs used to be so I made sure the girls played Musical Chairs on the My Little Pony theme song. Each girl walked away with a little prize (My Little Pony rolled up treats) and the two main winners each received Berrylicious My Little Pony Shampoo and Body Wash. Everyone was a winner! 

 Another fun activity for the girls were to make their own My Little Pony ears. I had felt ears made and hairbands. Each girl could make their own and they paraded around with them all afternoon. 

 I ended up loving the outcome and I’m pretty sure Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Apple Jack and Twilight Sparkle would approve of this one! 

Vendor List:
Decor & Styling : Konfetti Love
Stationary : Okay Deer
Macarons : Freckled Ginger
Photography : Littish Photography