Ruff Draft: DIY Coozie – Perfect fro a Beer, Dudes & Diapers Shower or Father’s Day

diy coozie

DIY beer coozies for dads

Have you seen the latest Baby Shower Trend: Beer, Dudes & Diapers?  We have been creating new invites for the shop based on the hottest parties, and guess what ladies – it’s time to focus on the men!

Today we want to show you how to make an inexpensive party favor or gift for your favorite guy! How perfect would these be for favors at a beer, dudes and diapers baby shower!? … and Father’s day is just a few weeks away as well!  Everyone needs a coozie, so we came up with a DIY Coozie perfect for any many party or celebration.

You can find our new Beer, Dudes & Diapers Chalkboard design in the shop!man shower invitation


Supplies needed:
Plain coozies (we found ours at Hobby Lobby)
Chalkboard paint
Dad & mustache stencil (you can create your own or use any pre-cut stencil letters/stencil mustache found at craft supply stores)

OR we sell a full set of Mustache silhouettes here for instant download in our shop! (Great for photo booths, too!)

diy beer coozie for dads
1. Create stencil or use store-bought and figure out placement on coozie.
**If creating your own stencil, print DAD and a mustache image on cardstock.  Cut out with X-acto knife.

I just used basic stencil letters and mustache image
dad stencil

2. Tape stencil to coozie (clear packaging tape works well)
3. Paint one light coat of chalkboard paint. (you can even just get the basic outline of the stencil).

DO NOT paint it on thick or multiple paint layers… I did that at first and it was an epic FAIL.  Since the coozie isn’t flat, the paint bleeds easily.

What not to do!

4. Once the first layer dries, remove the stencil and HAND PAINT in a few more layers.  Trust me when I tell you, this is much easier.  You just want to make sure the chalkboard paint is solid black, so a few layers will do.
5. When the paint layers have dried, take chalk and cover the letters… blend it in.  (This helps cure the paint).
6. Draw patterns in the letters and mustache for added details!  You can use basic fabric paint or acrylic paint… but chalkboard paint gives a fun dimension.
7. Cut out printable or paper mustaches and tape to the beer bottles for added detail.

DIY chalkboard painted coozie for dads

Set out as party favors, or give as a gift – all dads will love this hand-made DIY coozie.

diy coozies for man parties

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Beer Dudes and Diapers Party or Man Shower ideas for showering the daddy to be!


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