Ruff Draft: Rice Crispy Mustache Treats for Valentine’s Day


Are you ready for Valentine’s Day???  My girls are so excited and we just finished creating our mustache valentines this week!  They wanted to use the Printable Gum Wraps from the Mustache collection!  In case you are looking for a last minute treat to send to school or share with friends, we wanted to show you a quick snack you can make in minutes!

This no-bake dessert matches perfectly with our Printable Mustache Valentine’s Day Collection!  Plus if any of you are planning upcoming mustache birthday parties, save this recipe for later as well!

Ready to see what dessert we are making today?  Mustache Chocolate Dipped Rice Crispy Treats!!!  So easy, and so cute!!!


Supplies needed:
Printed bag toppers from our Printable Mustache Valentine’s Day Collection
Clear cellophane bags
Rice Crispy cereal
1 bag of large marshmallows
Melting chocolate
Mustache cookie cutters (I bought mine here)


1. I used the official Rice Crispy recipe found here.  (However, I only added 5 cups of cereal instead of 6)
2. Once you have mixed up the melted marshmallows and cereal, transfer mixture to a sheet of wax paper.
3. While mixture is still warm, take a second piece of wax paper and lay on top of mixture and press flat. (You are trying to smash it a little flatter, so a cookie cutter can cut through).  I also used a rolling pin, and rolled on top of the wax paper to flatten it – I made my rice crispies about 1/2″-3/4″ thick.
4. Let the mixture cool a little, but still moldable.
5. Using cookie cutter, cut out mustaches.

mustache-rice-crispy-treat-cutting-valentine-multiple6.  When using a solid cookie cutter, you need to peel the rice crispy mixture from the cookie cutter (you can also mold it back into shape if it breaks)


7. Cut out all of your mustaches and finish letting them cool.
8. Next get the melting chocolates ready (follow bag instructions).
9. Dip each mustache rice crispy treat into chocolate.  *Note, rice crispies are a bumpy surface so you will want to smooth out chocolate once it is dipped.  (Use a knife or clean finger to do so)


mustache-rice-crispy-treat-cutting-valentine-cookie-cutter-chocolate-melting-drying 10. Let dipped rice crispy treats dry.
11. Using the printed bag toppers, trim to bag size, insert treats, and tape closed.



Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!  Hope it’s a sweet one!!! 



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