Bridesmaids (and the exclusive AR offer!) is on the shelves of Target!

bridesmaids store display in target

Run to your nearest Target because Bridesmaids is flying off the shelves!  We are so excited to announce that Bridesmaids, the movie, has been released and is on the shelves!

Target’s Bridesmaids launch has an exclusive offer from Anders Ruff and ELF Cosmetics.  We included our printable Bridesmaids themed Girls Night In party decor set inside the Bridesmaids DVD/Blu Ray cases at Target.  Quantities are limited, so go check it out!

bridesmaids store display in target

You will see the exclusive offer sticker on the DVD/Blu Ray cases that have the Anders Ruff Printable Girls Night In package offer.

bridesmaids store display in target

We were thrilled to see the display at the front of the Target store!  Photography from our “Girls Night In” photo shoot taken by Becca Bond Photography are featured on the side of the display as well! So exciting!

bridesmaids store display in targetAdria and I were the Bridesmaids Bandits! 😉  We got our copies… did you get yours yet!?  Head to Target!

bridesmaids store display in target


  1. I am trying to access the site listed on the paper in the movie to download the printable decor but it just takes me to a bridesmaids slideshow. Help!,,

  2. I got my copy a few days go.. got my offer… and I printed up my printables.. just have to start cutting.. my elf makeup came today… so excited my party is sept. 30th.. i am making cake balls, carrot cake and cupcakes.. and hershey kisses and mini choc. bars.

  3. That’s awesome!!!!!!!! So so awesome!!! Will definitely go get a copy! Have seen it twice & cant WAIT to see it more & am SO HAPPY FOR YOU GALS! Lisa Fogarty’s party sounds like a blast!!! YUM

  4. I bought the movie the other night. Hubby and I watched it Saturday…it was hilarious! I love the party printables too, thanks so much!

  5. Congratulations on your success. Your work is beautiful. I’m having a movie night tomorrow night in the backyard and downloaded your free printable party decor. Can’t wait.
    Continue the great work.

  6. SO exciting!!! I’ve been watching, but haven’t been party planning since we moved to LA–I miss you girls!–but this is SO awesome, and possibly too good to not throw a party for! I think I just found the perfect b’day paty event for one of my new west coast girlfriends! thanks, y’all!

    1. Hey Molly! So great to hear from you! Congrats on the big move! Hope to work with you again soon! -M

  7. Hello, love the movie! I tried to get the printable download to work and it wouldn’t do anything. I don’t have issues downloading anything but it basically just froze the screen and wouldn’t do anything. How can I get the printable party decor?

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